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Honor is a social policy tree in Civilization V. It is available at the start of the Ancient Era.

Game Info[]

Honor improves the effectiveness of one's army in a variety of ways.

Adopting Honor gives a +25% (+33% in GodsKings5 clear.png and BNW-only.png) combat bonus against Barbarians; from now on notifications will be provided when new Barbarian Encampments spawn in revealed territory. Gain Culture Culture for the empire from each barbarian unit killed. (The Culture Culture earned is equal to the Melee strength Combat Strength or Ranged strength Ranged Combat Strength of the defeated unit, whichever is greater.) Unlocks building the Statue of Zeus wonder (BNW-only.png only).

Adopting all policies in the Honor tree will grant Gold Gold for each enemy unit killed. (Note that this applies only to units killed directly by your actions. For example, you won't receive Gold Gold for a unit killed by the effect of a Citadel.) It also allows the purchase of Great Generals with Faith Faith starting from the Industrial Era (BNW-only.png only).

Policy Effect Requirement
Warrior Code Warrior Code +15% Production Production when training Melee units and a Great General appears outside the Capital Capital.
Great Generals are earned 50% faster (BNW-only.png only).
Adopting Honor
Discipline Discipline +10% (+15% in GodsKings5 clear.png and BNW-only.png) Melee strength combat strength for melee units which have another military unit in an adjacent tile. Adopting Honor
Military Caste Military Caste Each City with a garrison increases empire 20xHappiness5.png Happiness by 1 (local city 20xHappiness5.png Happiness in GodsKings5 clear.png and BNW-only.png) and Culture Culture by 2. (Note that cities in Resistance are unaffected by this.) Discipline
Military Tradition Military Tradition Military Units gain 50% more Experience from combat. Warrior Code
Professional Army Professional Army Gold Gold cost of upgrading Military Units reduced by 33% and: Military Caste


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Civilopedia entry[]

In an "honorable" society, the citizens' status is based upon the society's judgment of their personal qualities. Qualities that are usually considered honorable include fealty, honesty, integrity, and courage. In many such societies men are expected to "defend their honor" to the death, as any loss of honor is considered far worse than loss of life.

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Death Before Shame
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