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Ground unit

A/D 2/1
Moves 2
Cost 20
Upgrades to Knight
Required technologies

Horseback Riding

Required resources


Other attributes


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Horsemen units are available in the early ages of Civilization Revolution. They require the Horseback Riding technology, but are still very easily accessible, sometimes as the reward for the capture of a Barbarian village before Horseback Riding has been researched.

Horsemen thebes

A Horsemen unit (right) outside the Egyptian city of Thebes

Unit AnalysisEdit

This unit is more mobile and has a greater attack than many other types in the very early stages of the game. It can gallop 2 spaces per turn (whereas most Warriors can only move one), and has an attack of 2, not equaled until the advent of Legions. Like Legions, its defense is only 1.

Upgrades earned by multiple victories include veteran (if not built in a city with a Barracks), Blitz, GuerrillaMedicInfiltration, March, and Scout.

Unique ReplacementsEdit

Mongolian Horsemen are replaced by the Keshik. Compared to the regular Horsemen, it has +1 movement.

Russian Horsemen are replaced by the Cossack. It is the same as the regular Horsemen.

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