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A notable change from the original game, Horses now require a colonist working to breed them.

Civilopedia[edit source]

The native horses of the Americas disappeared around 8000 BC, leaving the llama and buffalo as the continents' sole potential war mounts, which the natives understandably passed on, neither being suitable for riding. The arrival of the Europeans brought the horse back to the New World. This caused massive upheavals throughout native societies, with some tribes - the Comanche, for example - taking better advantage of the valuable new resource than others. Before the arrival of the horse, the Comanche were a lesser division of the Shoshone tribe. Upon mastering the horse, the Comanche seceded from the Shoshone, becoming a major power in themselves. Many were the colonists heading west who feared a Comanche raid, so renowned were the skills of these native riders.

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