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Horses are an Ancient Era strategic resource in Civilization VI. It is the only Strategic Resource which is revealed from the start of the game. In Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, Horses are revealed with Animal Husbandry.

Horses support many mounted units. That includes all Light Cavalry units except the Helicopter.

Horses may be found on flatland Grassland and Plains.


As the first strategic resource revealed on the map from the very start, Horses are very important for planning your initial expansion. They are a valuable and balanced resource for yield purposes and may aid your first cities quite a bit.

Horses are required to train light cavalry units (Horseman and Cavalry before Gathering Storm, plus the Courser in Gathering Storm). Whether or not you plan to make extensive use of these units, Horses are a valuable resource for trading to other civilizations.

Civilopedia entry Edit

The horse is one of the two remaining extant subspecies of Equus ferus, and one of the first animals humans domesticated sometime around 3500 BC in central Asia. It seems horses were very useful for all that moving about and hunting that primitives needed to do. As beast of burden, military mount, companion, and occasional food source, the horse is likely the most important tamed animal in history.

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