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Game Info

The Hotel is a basic touristic building introduced in Brave New World.

  • +50% of the 20xCulture5 Culture output of Wonders and Improvements in the city added to 20xTourism5 Tourism
  • Great Work 20xTourism5 Tourism output in the city +50%


This building is essential for increasing your 20xTourism5 Tourism output, in the case you're pursuing a Cultural victory, or if you want to impose your Ideology on other civilizations. Build it first in your cities containing Great Works and Artifacts, along with cities that have Wonders or Improvements that produce culture (Landmark, Brazilwood Camp, Chateau, Moai, and Holy Site with Piety finisher), but eventually you may want to build it in all your cities to get access to the National Visitor Center.

Civilopedia entry

Inns have existed for millennia, supplying shelter and safety to merchants and travelers. Marco Polo reported an extensive system of houses to provide lodging for travelers in 13th Century China. The modern hotel was largely a result of the coming of the railroad, for not only did travel increase but travelers needed lodging for shorter periods. The oldest hotel in continuous operation is the Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Japan, opened in 707 AD and operated by the same family for 46 generations.

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