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Chairman Sheng-Ji Yang
Chairman Yang (SMAC)
Leader of the Human Hive
Name Sheng-ji Yang
Rank Commander
Position Chief of Security
Country of Origin Great China
DOB 01-09-1999
Height 170.6 cm
Weight 73.2 kg

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The Human Hive is a faction in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. Led by Chairman Sheng-Ji Yang, this faction focuses on the Chinese philosophy of Legalism.

Faction Characteristics[]

  • +1 Growth (rapid population growth)
  • +1 Industry (brutal serfdom)
  • -2 Economy (little political freedom)
  • Immune to negative policy modifiers affecting Efficiency: Efficiency is never below zero (not mentioned in game)
  • Underground bunkers (free Perimeter Defense at each base)
  • May not use Democratic politics.
  • Aggression Aggressive
  • Priorities Conquer, Build
  • Starting Tech Doctrine: Loyalty
  • Agenda Police State (Politics)
  • Aversion Democracy (Politics)

Leader's defining quote[]

"Learn to overcome the crass demands of flesh and bone, for they warp the matrix through which we perceive the world. Extend your awareness outwards, beyond the self of body, to embrace the self of group and the self of humanity. The goals of the group and the greater race are transcendent, and to embrace them is to achieve enlightenment."

-- Sheng-ji Yang, "Essays on Mind and Matter"


  • Looking God in the Eye
  • Essays on Mind and Matter
  • Ethics for Tomorrow


  • Dr. Shimoda, science advisor
  • Ota Kyi, native-lifeform specialist talent. If the first native-lifeform combat unit created by the Hive dies, Yang will create a monument known as Song of Ota Kyi.

List of bases[]


  1. The Hive
  2. Sheng-ji Yang Base
  3. Worker’s Nest
  4. People’s Teeming
  5. Great Clustering
  6. The Colony
  7. Industrial Crawling
  8. Manufacturing Warrens
  9. Discipline Tubes
  10. Laborer’s Throng
  11. Unification Cavern
  12. Social Engineering Den
  13. The Labyrinth
  14. Paradise Swarming
  15. Communal Nexus
  16. Social Artery
  17. Factory Maze
  18. Unity Lair
  19. Society Grid
  20. Great Collective
  21. Proletarian Knot
  22. Socialism Tunnels
  23. The Drone Mound
  24. Plex Anthill
  25. Watcher’s Eye
  26. Working Man Hold
  27. Huddling of the People
  28. Yang Mine
  29. Seat of Proper Thought
  30. The Leader’s Horde
  31. Chairman’s Burrow
  32. Labor Network
  33. Deep Passages
  34. Fellowship City
  35. People’s Endeavor
  36. Fecundity Tower
  37. Hole of Aspiration
  38. Serene Submission
  39. Collective Achievement
  40. Will’s Triumph
  41. Human Potential
  42. The Master’s Plan
  43. Masses Firmament
  44. Pioneers Waypoint
  45. Glory to the Group
  46. Dauntless Without End
  47. Society’s Architects
  48. Camaraderie Hearth
  49. Endurance Rising
  50. Harmony of Purpose
  51. Obedience and Duty
  52. Struggle’s Respite
  53. Your Tutor’s Words
  54. Discipline’s Path
  55. Obedience’s Reward
  56. Security Perimeter
  57. Shining Victory
  58. Enlightened Guidance
  59. Guiding Hand
  60. Serve the People
  61. Example to the Masses
  62. Strive for the Future
  63. Order’s Bulwark
  64. Citizens’ Resolve
  65. Triumph of the Group
  66. Strength of Resolve
  67. Inner Balance


  1. Sea Collective
  2. Deep Community
  3. Sea Hive
  4. Port Yang
  5. Factory Drift
  6. Ocean Core
  7. Deep Clustering


  • The leader of the Human Hive is voiced by Yu Lu.

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