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Hydro Plant (Civ2).png A Hydro Plant is a building in Civilization II that increases the shield production of a City by an additional 50% (cumulative with a Factory, which must be present for this to be built).

The other prerequisite for building the Hydro Plant is that the city radius must include Mountain terrain.


Building the Hoover Dam wonder counts as a Hydro Plant in all of your cities. In practice, this means that if the Hoover Dam is in one of your cities, then all of your cities with a Factory will gain the 50% increase in Shield (Civ2).pngproduction.

The Hydro Plant is (relatively) green energy; it is the second-cleanest specialty factory. Not as clean as the Solar Plant, hydroelectricity significantly reduces your civilization's carbon footprint.

If the Factory is destroyed, the Hydro Plant will remain, but will cease to increase shield production until a new Factory is built. This makes the Factory an ideal target for Industrial Sabotage.

Civilopedia entry[]

One alternative to power generation utilizing coal or petroleum fuels is the hydroelectric power plant. This facility utilizes the energy of rapidly moving water to turn the turbines of its generators and produce electricity. In locations where a source of moving water is available, hydro plants offer a clean, safe alternative to coal, petroleum, and nuclear power generation. Hydro plants have their own set of environmental dangers, however. The disruption of a river's normal flow and the massive flooding of the land behind the facility's dam can destroy the habitat of the wildlife inhabiting the river basin.

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