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Game Info[]

Advanced electricity building. City must be built next to a river.


The Hydro Plant increases the Production Production output of every tile without a mountain the city works which is also adjacent to the river. Thus cities which control more river tiles can make better use of a Hydro Plant than cities with 2-3 eligible river tiles. Consider this when selecting where to build a Hydro Plant, because the Aluminum Aluminum resource it consumes becomes very important later in the game.

Civilopedia entry[]

A hydro plant is a building that converts energy from falling water into electrical power. The larger the volume of water and the greater the distance it falls, the more power the plant generates. The Three Gorges Dam in China is the largest hydro power plant ever constructed. When completed it will generate some 22,500 mega-watts, ten times more than the American Hoover Dam.

Hydro plants are generally considered "green" sources of energy, though their impact on local fish can be great. Hydro plants that capture the energy from rising tides have been constructed in coastal areas.

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