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Introduced in Civilization Revolution
Special unit

A/D 0/0
Moves 40
Cost 40
Upgrades to N/A
Required technologies


Required resources


Other attributes

Received when completing the Manhattan Project. Only one ICBM may ever be created or exist. The ICBM will instantly destroy any city or units in the region it hits (except capitals). The eight regions around ground zero will also suffer massive damage. Using an ICBM will immediately reduce your culture by one full level.

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The ICBM is a special unit in Civilization Revolution.

Unit analysis[]

This unit is essentially a single-use nuclear weapon. It can utterly devastate any one city, but that is the only one it will ever destroy, as it can only ever be built and used once. It can only be built after the construction of the Manhattan Project wonder. This is only available in the Modern Era, and can only be built in one city. It is suitably the most effective and rarest weapon in the game.

The ICBM can be shot 40 tiles away and will harm not only the tile it hits, but the eight tiles around it too.

Technical prices[]

This weapon cannot be created until the Manhattan Project wonder has been created first. The actual price of the weapon is fairly low at 40 production. Using the ICBM instantly reduces your culture level, shrinking your cultural borders, unless you have adopted the Despotism government.

A common misconception is that when you obtain an ICBM, you will not be threatened. Whilst this is true for the first few turns, other civilizations may claim that the use of nuclear weapons has no good in it and will declare war anyway.


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