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Ice is a terrain feature in Civilization VI. Ice is found on Coast and Ocean tiles near the extreme north and south boundaries of the map.

  • Yields: Nothing, cannot be worked
  • Movement needed: Impassable
  • Additional features:

Ice is unusable terrain. It contains no resources or other features of any kind. Districts and Wonders cannot be placed on Ice tiles.


Ice usually makes the polar regions impassible, restricting movement. Many times they form a solid barrier which connects with land and makes it impossible to circumnavigate continents. However, sometimes icebergs are distributed among the solid ice in such a way as to form canals and allow naval and embarked units to pass through. So, don't give up completely on trying to find a path until you hit a solid wall! You may need to wait until you've researched Cartography before trying, though, because many times the canals are formed by both Coast and Ocean waters.

Note that, unlike in Civilization V, Submarines and Nuclear Submarines cannot enter solid ice tiles, so they're no longer able to hide under the ice to evade pursuit.

In Gathering Storm, up to 85% of the Ice on the map can melt as the world's climate changes.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Ice is impassable to ships (more than a few have come to grief, just ask the crew of the Titanic), and not much fun for other travelers. Except maybe the polar bears.

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