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The Ice Hockey Rink is a unique tile improvement of the Canadian civilization in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. It must be built on Tundra, Tundra Hills, Snow, or Snow Hills tiles.


Spawning on non-Tundra terrains, as ironic as it sounds, is probably the best thing happening when you play as Canada. Generally, you'll want to grab normal, fertile land first, then get the Tundra later when there's nowhere else to go. However, you will lose the ability to use the Ice Hockey Rink entirely in many cities due to its very strict placement requirement, which begs a completely different approach to this civilization: late settlements. Just right before this improvement is unlocked in the late Industrial Era, train a lot of Settlers and settle the near polar regions. By this time, your core territory should be big enough to support these new cities by sending TradeRoute6 Trade Routes and hard buying buildings. Don't try to settle on cold areas too early, for all the reasons detailed above, just build the Ancestral Hall, promote Magnus, and prepare the late settlements of your civilization like no others. Try to find the edge between Tundra regions and Grassland/Plains regions and settle there so you can have the best of both worlds. These also have another, less obvious bonus—they provide 2 Appeal to adjacent tiles. Place these with National Parks in mind, and once Mounties are unlocked, use them to enable National Parks. Once the Stadium is unlocked, you get 4 more Civ6Culture Culture, though in the late Atomic Era 4 Civ6Culture Culture per city is a very minor boost.

Civilopedia entryEdit

There's nothing quite as satisfying as a game of ice hockey on a frozen pond on a sunny and cold winter day. Except sometimes the pond ice is uneven. Spectators can't always comfortably see what's going on. Bright and sunny winter days are subject to the vagaries of the weather. Organs are difficult to set up and take down between games. So there's really nothing quite as satisfying as a place that addresses some of those problems: The ice hockey rink.

The skating craze at the end of the 19th Century led to a boom in rink construction. The first organized indoor hockey game was at the Victoria Skating Rink in Montreal in 1875. Since then, ice quality has improved due to improvements in ice formation chemistry and the domestication of the wild Zamboni. Amenities at the rink have improved as well to ensure fans have food and drink and boards to protect from errant pucks.


Related achievementsEdit

Steam achievement Rivals on Ice (Civ6)
Rivals on Ice
Playing as Russia, conquer a city with an Ice Hockey rink
Ice hockey is immensely popular in both Russia and Canada, and both countries consider each other to be their biggest rivals in the sport.
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