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The Ikanda is a unique district of the Zulu civilization in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. It replaces the Encampment.

  • Effects:
    • Lower Civ6Production Production cost (27 vs. 54).
    • +1 Housing6 Housing.
    • 25% faster training of Corps and Armies.
    • Allows Corps and Armies to be built without the Military Academy building.
    • +1 General6 Great General point per turn.
    • Acquires Outer Defenses and Ranged Strike along with the City Center once Walls have been built.
    • Blocks movement of foreign units to this tile, unless the district is Pillaged
    • Spawns all Land Military Units the city produces or purchases.
    • Provides XP bonus to units built in it once Buildings have been added to the District
    • Specialists provide +1 Civ6Production Production and 2 Civ6Gold Gold each
    • Gives its parent city the ability to build Land Units with only 1 count of the relative Strategic resource (Vanilla and R&F-Only only)
    • GS-Only Buildings increase Strategic Resource accumulation limit by 10 each.


The following buildings can be constructed in an Ikanda:



For Shaka, the name of game is to build the world's largest and most powerful infantry force, and the Ikanda helps him immensely in achieving this goal. With it, the Zulus can train Corps and Armies as soon as they discover the requisite civics (Mercenaries and Nationalism, respectively), and without needing to build Military Academies. The ability to create Corps in the Medieval Era gives Shaka and the Zulus an early military advantage over their neighbors, which becomes even greater when they go to war and gain a new Corps each time they capture a city.

Civilopedia entryEdit

The ikanda (also known as a “kraal” or “umuzi”) were self-sufficient, fortified Zulu homesteads. A double palisade protected its residents—the inner wall kept livestock in and the outer wall kept interlopers out. Ikanda were ideally placed uphill for reasons both practical and strategic: rainwater flowed downhill to clean the ikanda, while opponents were forced to attack an elevated position.

Shaka’s revolutionary changes to the military capitalized on the traditional Zulu age-grade system. Young men of the same age lived, trained, and fought together in regiments, relying on the ikanda’s bounty to provide their food, arms, and armor.


Related achievementsEdit

Steam achievement Ibutho (Civ6)
As Shaka, train a Corps of Impi using the Ikanda district
A reference to the actual Zulu term for an impi regiment.
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