When your SoL percentage is 50% or greater, you can begin the War of Independence.

Declaration of Independence (Col).png

A number of changes occur:

  • The king of your mother country sends his expeditionary forces against your colonies.
  • The Europe screen is no longer accessible; ships cannot sail to Europe.
  • Liberty bells now go toward intervention by another power on your behalf, instead of electing Founding Fathers. If the required number of Liberty bells are produced, the other power will give you free military units to help fight the king's forces.
  • The flags of your colonies change to little American flags.
    Independent Colony (Col).png
  • Your Veteran Soldiers will be upgraded to Continental Army and Continental Cavalry.

If you defeat all of the Royal Expeditionary Forces and recapture any colonies you lost, you win the war.

REF defeated (Col).png

A brief cinematic plays, and your score is totaled.

Independence won (Col).png

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