Indians in Colonization games are Native Americans. They are present in cities or smaller settlements on the map before your arrival, and may be either an obstacle, or an opportunity, depending on your national advantages and your strategy.


There are 8 separate tribes (nations) of Indians:
Indian report (Col)

Nomadic tribes live in teepees.

Agrarian tribes live in longhouses.

These tribes live in cities. Conquering them is harder, but yields more treasure, and trading with them can yield huge profits if they offer you cheap silver while its price is still high.

  • Aztec - warlike, cities of golden ziggurats
  • Incan - peaceful, cities of stone villas
Aztec capital (Col)


Arawak camp (Col)

An Arawak village that is heavily alarmed.

Each tribe has its own relationship status with your nation.

Initially each tribe will be friendly toward you, but your continued proximity increases their hostility. Establishing missions with Missionaries will slow down the rate of hostility increase. To actually reduce the hostility, one must trade with the tribes or recruit Pocahontas.

Apache camp (Col)

Demand TributeEdit

Scouts, Soldiers, and Dragoons can demand tribute of Indian settlements. If successful, some goods will be delivered to the nearest colony.


Any tribe must first be contacted on land before trading can begin. Then move a Wagon Train or ship into the village to initiate a trade. If the village is not happy with you, you may lose the unit.

Live among the nativesEdit

Sending a Free Colonist into an Indian settlement will give you the option to learn a specialization from them. You can check with a Scout first to see what is taught in that particular village. Once a colonist has been trained there, the skill is "used up" and the Indians will not teach another colonist their secrets. However, the capitol city of each tribe, indicated by a star, will train infinitely many colonists. Finally, if the settlement is not happy with you, your colonist may be scalped instead of taught.

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