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Indoctrination is the Level 2 title for the Owls of Minerva, a Secret Society exclusive to the Secret Societies game mode in Civilization VI. It is unlocked in the Industrial Era.


+1 Wildcard Slot Wildcard Policy slot. +2 Spy capacity. Your cities gain +4 Loyalty per turn and +1 Amenity Amenity when your Spy is in their territory.

Civilopedia entry[]

In the sub-cellar of a Gilded Vault, you catch a glimpse of an iron door. Before it slams shut, you see a long hallway extending deep underground, and a glimmer of golden light somewhere at its end. Your contact, Athena (certainly not her real name, who can say who she is under her hawk's mask?), smiles cryptically. "For another time," she says.

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