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The Industrial Era is the fifth era in Civilization VI. It is preceded by the Renaissance Era and followed by the Modern Era.


The steady hum of machinery, the acrid smell of smoke, vision clouded by ash and soot - these are the signs of changing times. The lure of scientific and cultural advancement is the engine driving your realm forward. Now your challenge is to maintain the delicate balance between earth and man, between peace and war.

Game InfoEdit

The Industrial Era brings progress for your civilization on many levels: more gunpowder-based weapons (although that doesn't make real difference as of yet), the first area-of-effect buildings, new economy-related districts which finally allow your cities to grow further, powerful culture-oriented buildings and policies... And the brand new Power (Civ6) Power, ready to charge up your cities and turbo-boost their performance! Start building those Coal Power Plants or your rivals may outpace you!

Now is the moment to start managing your growing empire and direction it towards a certain type of victory (if you haven't already). The new Civ6Production Production boosters will allow your cities to supercharge their building and training activities - use this to enlarge your army (if you need), to build up your infrastructure and work on wonders.

The ability to form Corps and Fleets will allow militarily weaker civilizations to even the odds; and the new Military Academy - to train these new formations directly. Or, you can use them to finally outmatch your neighbors' armies and take their cities! A good military push at this point will benefit every civilization, conquering new lands and resources, and preparing it for the race towards victory.

When starting a game in the Industrial Era, players receive two Settlers, two Scouts, two Crossbowmen, 360 Civ6Gold Gold, and 5 Envoy6 Envoys. All cities founded after the Capital6 Capital have 4 Citizen6 Population, a Monument, a Granary, and Ancient Walls, and players receive a Pikeman (a Pike and Shot in Rise and Fall) and a Builder in each city founded by one of their starting Settlers (and a Trader in the first one).


Industrialization (Civ6) Industrialization
Scientific Theory (Civ6) Scientific theory
Ballistics (Civ6) Ballistics
Military Science (Civ6) Military Science
Steam Power (Civ6) Steam Power
Sanitation (Civ6) Sanitation
Economics (Civ6) Economics
Rifling (Civ6) Rifling


Colonialism (Civ6) Colonialism
Civil Engineering (Civ6) Civil Engineering
Nationalism (Civ6) Nationalism
Opera and Ballet (Civ6) Opera and Ballet
Natural History (Civ6) Natural History
Urbanization (Civ6) Urbanization
Scorched Earth (Civ6) Scorched Earth

Districts and BuildingsEdit

Tile ImprovementsEdit



Bolshoi Theatre (Civ6) Bolshoi Theatre

Hermitage (Civ6) Hermitage

Ruhr Valley (Civ6) Ruhr Valley

Oxford University (Civ6) Oxford University

Big Ben (Civ6) Big Ben

Statue of Liberty (Civ6) Statue of Liberty R&F-Only

Panama Canal (Civ6) Panama Canal GS-Only

Országház (Civ6) Országház GS-Only

Projects Edit

Convert to Coal Power (Civ6) Convert to Coal Power GS-Only

R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.

GS-Only Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.

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R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.
GS-Only Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.

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