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 "Industrialization based on machinery, already referred to as a characteristic of our age, is but one aspect of the revolution that is being wrought by technology."
– Emily Greene Balch

Game Info[]

Industrialization is the backbone of contemporary economy. It represents the concept of mass-producing materials, from food products to machine parts, and it makes possible all of modern life.

In the Gods & Kings expansion, this technology replaces Scientific Theory as the main industrial technology of the early Industrial Era. It enables building of the Factory, besides revealing the Coal resource and providing the basis for development of Steam Power.

Civilopedia entry[]

Industrialization is viewed as the transition from an agrarian society into an industrial one, which is typically accompanied by widespread social and economic change throughout the community. The Industrial Revolution, beginning in Europe during the 18th century, brought about immense changes in the way people lived their daily lives. With increasingly complex machinery and tools available, many trades that were once left to talented craftsmen became obsolete with the advent of assembly lines operated by droves of unskilled factory laborers.

Civilization V Technologies [edit]
Ancient Agriculture Animal Husbandry Archery Bronze Working Calendar Masonry Mining Pottery Sailing The Wheel Trapping Writing
Classical Construction Currency Drama and Poetry GodsKings5 clear.png Engineering Horseback Riding Iron Working Mathematics Optics Philosophy
Medieval Chivalry Civil Service Compass Education Guilds GodsKings5 clear.png Machinery Metal Casting Physics Steel Theology
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Industrial Archaeology Biology Dynamite Electricity Fertilizer Industrialization GodsKings5 clear.png Military Science Rifling Scientific Theory Steam Power Telegraph1
Modern Ballistics GodsKings5 clear.png Combustion Electronics Flight Mass Media1 Plastics Radio Railroad Refrigeration Replaceable Parts
Atomic2 Atomic Theory Combined Arms GodsKings5 clear.png Computers Ecology Nuclear Fission Penicillin Radar Rocketry
Information2 Advanced Ballistics Future Tech Globalization Lasers Mobile Tactics GodsKings5 clear.png Nanotechnology Nuclear Fusion Particle Physics Robotics Satellites Stealth Telecommunications GodsKings5 clear.png The Internet BNW-only.png
1Vanilla only 2Atomic and Information eras are Future Era in Vanilla
GodsKings5 clear.png Valid only in the Gods & Kings expansion pack.
BNW-only.png Valid only in the Brave New World expansion pack.