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The Industry is a special tile improvement in Civilization VI. It is exclusive to the Monopolies and Corporations game mode, introduced in the Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack. It can be built on any luxury resource which a player already owns two improved copies of.


The Industry is the new improvement around which the entire Monopolies and Corporations game mode is built. This unique improvement has a few quirks of which players should be aware:

  • You can only have 1 Industry per city, and Industry tiles cannot be swapped, similar to how the Golf Course, Open-Air Museum, and Ice Hockey Rink work. However, if the Industry is three hexes away from your City Center and you settle another city adjacent to it, the new city will claim the Industry's tile.
  • An Industry can be built only after at least two copies of the same luxury resource have been improved. If you only own two copies in your entire empire, you have to improve both copies, and then place the Industry on one of them to replace the current improvement that luxury node has. If you already have at least two copies improved, any luxury node after that can be instantly improved with an Industry without needing its standard improvement first.
    • The Industry will take into account the improved luxury resources in the city-states you are the Suzerain of, but will not count unique luxury resources that cannot be improved like Cinnamon Cinnamon, Cloves Cloves, Toys Toys, Jeans Jeans, Perfume Perfume, Cosmetics Cosmetics, traded luxuries, and luxuries brought over by Amani's Affluence title or the Great Merchant Great Merchant Colaeus.
    • If for any reason you no longer control at least 2 copies of a resource that you already established the Industry of, you will not lose the Industry. However, if the Industry is pillaged or removed, it cannot be re-established until you gain the minimum control of the resource.
  • Each empire can have many Industries, but players can only establish one Industry for each type of luxury resource.
  • When the city that contains an Industry changes hands, the new owner can still keep the Industry inside, as long as they do not already own an Industry of that particular luxury. If they already do, the Industry in the newly-acquired city will be removed.
  • Each luxury Industry grants a unique bonus to the parent city, which can be further improved later in the game with the Corporation improvement.

When an Industry is placed, if the resource is already improved with another improvement, the existing improvement will be removed. Since some standard improvements grant 2 Gold Gold as the base yield and scale with technology and civic progression and the Industry grants only 1 Gold Gold without scaling, it's possible that the tile will lose yields when the existing improvement gets upgraded into an Industry.


The below table lists all of the bonuses that each luxury grants to its host city once it has been improved with an Industry.

Luxury Bonus Description

Amber Amber R&F-Only.png
Dyes Dyes
Incense Incense
Pearls Pearls

+25% Faith Faith yield in host city.

Citrus Citrus
Cotton Cotton
Ivory Ivory
Tobacco Tobacco
Whales Whales

+30% Production Production towards military units in host city.

Cocoa Cocoa
Honey Honey[1]
Salt Salt
Sugar Sugar

+20% Citizen Population growth, and +3 Housing Housing in host city.

Coffee Coffee
Silk Silk
Spices Spices
Wine Wine

+20% Culture Culture yield in host city.

Diamonds Diamonds
Jade Jade
Silver Silver
Truffles Truffles

+25% Gold Gold yield in host city.

Furs Furs
Olives Olives R&F-Only.png

+30% Production Production towards civilian units in host city.

Gypsum Gypsum
Marble Marble

+30% Production Production towards buildings in host city.

Mercury Mercury
Tea Tea
Turtles Turtles R&F-Only.png

+15% Science Science yield in host city.

R&F-Only.png Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.

Civilopedia entry[]

The term “industry” often calls to mind the Industrial Revolution, with factories filled with steam, and dangerous, whirring machines. But long before the growth of what William Blake called “dark satanic mills”, rulers saw the advantage in bringing people together to intensify their labor. In Classical antiquity as well as beyond, those working in such industries were often those without their own property – most significantly serfs or enslaved peoples (though the workshops surrounding the Egyptian pyramids, contrary to the popular narrative, were worked by wage laborers). As feudalism gave way to the guild system, and then to early modern capitalism, private individuals gained enough money and status to open their own industries, and the stage was set for the history of economics to begin.


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R&F-Only.png Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.
GS-Only.png Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.