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The Information Era is a new era introduced in Gods & Kings. It represents present days, with its computer-based society and high-tech machines. It is the final era in the game.


I never think about the future. It comes soon enough.
–Albert Einstein

Game Info Edit

With the development of computers and computer networks the world enters an era of new possibilities and challenges. Lightning-fast technological development continues, inventing more high-tech (such as the Giant Death Robot), punctual (such as the Guided Missile) and increasingly mobile and deadly weapons, with which a player seeking a domination victory could gain the edge needed to complete his or her conquest and win the game.

However, a connected world presents unique opportunities to non-violent players as well: their Diplomats may now enhance the influence of players in the United Nations, allowing them to win the World Leader vote and achieve diplomatic victory; while The Internet allows an explosive spread of touristic influence for players pursuing cultural victory.

Finally, the space race begins for players pursuing a science victory. The ultimate struggle to conquer space offers the next frontier for competition. Mankind's future awaits in the stars...

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When starting a game in the Information Era, you receive three Settlers, three Workers, five Marines, 600 20xCulture5 Culture, and 400 20xGold5 Gold. Venice gets three Merchants of Venice instead of the Settlers. When a city is founded it begins with 5 20xPopulation5 Population and contains a Granary, Monument, Market, Workshop, Amphitheater, Barracks, Colosseum, Library, Zoo, Bank, and (if on the coast) Lighthouse.

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