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The Information Era is the eighth and final era in Civilization VI and Rise and Fall. It is preceded by the Atomic Era.

In Gathering Storm, the Information Era is followed by a ninth and final era: the Future Era.


A world of information rests in the palm of your hand, and networks for instantaneous communication span the globe. Yet a unified vision of our future has never been built. We compete in technology, culture, and politics. We have deadly weapons that could destroy our planet. Lead us carefully, but boldly, and build a global community that can stand for years to come.

Game InfoEdit

Information Era start Edit


Telecommunications (Civ6) Telecommunications
Satellites (Civ6) Satellites
Guidance Systems (Civ6) Guidance Systems
Lasers (Civ6) Lasers
Composites (Civ6) Composites
Stealth Technology (Civ6) Stealth Technology
Robotics (Civ6) Robotics
Nuclear Fusion (Civ6) Nuclear Fusion
Nanotechnology (Civ6) Nanotechnology
Future Tech (Civ6) Future Tech (Vanilla and R&F-Only only)


Civic Prerequisites Inspiration Unlocks
Globalization (Civ6) 
Rapid Deployment

Space Race

Build 3 Airports. Ecommerce, International Space, Agency, Strategic Air Force

+1  Gold to Plantations. R&F-Only Grants 1 Governor title.

Social Media (Civ6) 
Social Media
Professional Sports

Space Race

Research the Telecommunications technology. Collective Activism

Online Communities
Communications Office

R&F-Only Grants 1 Governor title.

Future Civic (Civ6) 
Future Civic
Social Media


- Can be completed multiple times, increasing your points towards the Score Victory.

R&F-Only Grants 1  Governor title.

GS-Only Can be completed multiple times, increasing your points towards the Score Victory. Also awards 1  Governor title and 50  Diplomatic Favor each time it is completed.

Environmentalism (Civ6) 
Environmentalism GS-Only
Cultural Heritage

Rapid Deployment

Build 2 Solar Farms. +25% Tourism across your empire.
Near Future Governance (Civ6) 
Near Future Governance GS-Only


Adopt a government with 10 inherent policy slots. Awards 3 Envoys
Venture Politics (Civ6) 
Venture Politics GS-Only

 Social Media

Build a Uranium Mine. Enables the government Corporate Libertarianism.
Distributed Sovereignty (Civ6) 
Distributed Sovereignty GS-Only

 Social Media

Own a Rock Band.

Enables the government Digital Democracy.

Optimization Imperative (Civ6) 
Optimization Imperative GS-Only

 Social Media

Research the Robotics technology. Enables the government Synthetic Technocracy.

Tile ImprovementsEdit

Wind Farm (Civ6) Wind Farm GS-Only
Solar Farm (Civ6) Solar Farm GS-Only



Launch Moon Landing (Civ6) Launch Moon Landing
Launch Mars Habitation (Civ6) Launch Mars Habitation
Launch Mars Reactor (Civ6) Launch Mars Reactor
Launch Mars Hydroponics (Civ6) Launch Mars Hydroponics
Operation Ivy (Civ6) Operation Ivy
Build Thermonuclear Device (Civ6) Build Thermonuclear Device
Launch Mars Colony (Civ6) Launch Mars Colony GS-Only

R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.

GS-Only Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.

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R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.
GS-Only Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.

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