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Initiation Rites is a Pantheon in Civilization VI. Whenever a player with the Initiation Rites pantheon clears a Barbarian Outpost, that player receives +50 Civ6Faith Faith. In the June 2019 Update, it was altered to fully heal the unit that clears the outpost as well.

Strategy Edit

This isn't a terribly useful pantheon at the beginning of the game, and its use tapers off rapidly: the more territory civilizations and city-states claim, the harder it becomes to find Barbarian Outposts, and it's not worth the trouble to send units to the poles to clear outposts for a mere 50 Civ6Faith Faith in the later eras. Still, it could help when trying to earn enough Civ6Faith Faith to patronize an important GreatPerson6 Great Person early on, and if the better pantheons (like Stone Circles) have already been taken.

Religions and Pantheons in Civilization VI [edit]
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