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Inspiration is a Wildcard Policy Card in Civilization VI.


Inspiration is another one of the first Wildcards available in the game, and like the other ones is only usable once you discover Political Philosophy and adopt a government with a Wildcard Slot Wildcard slot (unless you're playing as Greece or Poland). Compared to the other available cards - Revelation and Strategos - Inspiration is perhaps the most generally useful, since it helps you get a Great Scientist early in the game. However, think carefully about whether you want to ensure you found a religion - the AI is pretty competitive on religions, and if you decide to go with Inspiration you will realistically get 2-3 Great Prophet Great Prophet points (assuming you've already built a Holy Site with a Shrine and have adopted Classical Republic) to other civilizations' 4 or more, and you may end up without your own religion!

Civilopedia entry[]

Some new ideas come from trial and error; others, from inspiration (artistic, imaginative, or perhaps divine). Whatever the source, inspiration has brought about many notable advances in scientific knowledge and technology. Commonly known as the 'Eureka' moment (as any mad scientist knows), the term comes from a story about the Greek polymath Archimedes’ sudden epiphany c. 250 BC concerning how to prove whether a crown was pure gold or not. Inspiration cannot be called upon as desired; in fact, a recent study by Mareike Wieth and Rose Zacks suggests that insight and innovation are greatest when an individual is not at his/her best. So there’s hope for us yet.

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