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Integrated Attack Logistics is a Wildcard Policy Card in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm.

Strategy Edit

If you're a warmonger looking for something to assist you with your endgame push toward a Domination Victory, you'll find it in this policy. The Civ6Movement Movement bonus for units in enemy territory and Civ6Production Production bonus for Giant Death Robots will help you build a magnificent army that can reach and capture cities quickly, especially if your enemy's territory has a well-developed road or railroad network. This policy will be particularly deadly if you're in a Golden Age and select Automaton Warfare as your Dedication.

Civilopedia entry Edit

It is necessary to sustain military operations through logistics, and this study constitutes some of the most important work done by a military’s general staff. Integrated attack logistics is the idea of creating an offensive military force with a robust system for resupply that can be deployed with the force. Airmobile corps, strategic rapid-deployment units, and Marine Corps are all examples of the kinds of military forces that make use of strongly integrated logistics.

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