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The International Games is an International Project in Brave New World, and as such may only be initiated by the respective Resolution in the World Congress. It consists in organizing and conducting a worldwide sporting event, similar to the Olympic Games in real life. In order for this Project to be possible, at least one nation needs to discover the Radio technology first. Once initiated, every nation can contribute to organizing the Games by using their production facilities and contributing 20xProduction5 PPs in each city they choose.

Game InfoEdit

International Project. Contributors receive rewards as follows:

  • GoldenCoup FirstPlace Hosted Games (Highest contributor): 20xTourism5 Tourism +100% for 20 turns; Free Social Policy
  • SilverCoup SecondPlace Won Medals (720 20xProduction5 Production or more): +3 20xHappiness5 Happiness; One-time increase by 30 of your Influence (Civ5) Influence with all City-States
  • BronzeCoup ThirdPlace Parade of Nations (360 20xProduction5 Production or more): +3 20xHappiness5 Happiness

The minimum 20xProduction5 Production requirement for each reward assumes the game is being played in standard settings (Standard map with 8 civilizations and Standard game speed).


The International Games is the second Project which becomes available through the World Congress, and it is of great importance to nations striving towards a cultural victory. A double 20xTourism5 Tourism output will go a long way towards imposing one's cultural influence over the other nations; also, the additional 20xHappiness5 Happiness and City-State Influence (Civ5) Influence is very nice.

If you're NOT going for this type of victory, and don't manage to block it from passing, you still might want to attempt to win the First Place (Gold) reward, simply to frustrate your opponents' intentions. Not only may the social policy also be of use to you, but the tourism can prevent you from suffering an increase in dissidents from ideological differences.

You can get the current world completion status by holding your mouse over the current build of a city working on the International Games. It is updated as each civilization has its turn, which can give you an idea of who is contributing and how much. That includes you; by looking at the percentage before your next turn starts and after, you can see how much of the total percentage you are contributing to the completion.

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