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Intuitive Computers is a technology in the Final Frontier mod for Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.


Intuitive Computers allows the construction of the Missile-carrying Cruiser Unit, as well as the use of the Slave State Policy, which enables the use of population-rushing and unit drafting in Star Systems.

Civilopedia entry[]

The first intuitive computers (ICs) were designed by the "Initiative to Advance Scientific Research" (IASR) at the close of the twenty-second century as semi-intelligent industrial work machines. While the original IC schematics were lost with the apparent disappearance of Earth, new ICs have been constructed, their design gleaned from snippets of IASR research found in the data storage of various interplanetary beacons. In military applications, ICs, after comparing visible strategies to a comprehensive tactical database, could often begin predicting the movements of enemy ships, making a new generation of Missile-armed Cruisers the deadliest to ever ply the void. ICs also found wide use in domestic applications, with domineering states using the IC's long-range predicative technologies to quell rebellions years in advance. As a result, entire populations were enslaved so as to prevent future - predicted - uprisings. The accuracy of ICs was called into question by many officials, but they saw increasing use in subsequent years.