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Renaissance Applied advance (Civ2).png Invention is an Advance in Civilization II.


A common strategy in Civilization II is rushing the discovery of Invention. Leonardo's Workshop is arguably the most valuable wonder in the game. Because Invention is the prerequisite for this wonder, rushing to get this technology gives players a head start in the race to build Leonardo's Workshop.

A civilization that acquires Invention enters the Renaissance era. In history, this was around the time that international treaties designed to preserve the balance of power between nation-states began to develop. Thus, the AI will begin to make pacts between themselves to “contain” the “aggression” of the civilization that is Supreme in the power scale. This acts as a balancing mechanism for the game as well as modeling the diplomatic system of early modern Europe and beyond. The player should be prepared if their civilization is Supreme when rivals acquire Invention, as these pacts quickly can escalate to conflicts involving many nations at once.

Civilopedia entry[]

The contrivance of a previously unknown device, method, or process which can, in turn, be used to accomplish an objective in a ways thought to be impossible, is known as invention. Essentially, inventiveness is the ability to take one or more newly discovered concepts and find a way to put them to practical use. The earliest inventions of manking date back to ancient stone and metal tools used for hunting, digging, and other everyday tasks. After writing allowed the ideas of various civilizations to be exchanged and studied, mankind's inventions became increasingly more useful and innovative. Most inventions are geared toward improving or simplifying human existence in some way. Often, inventions themselves make it possible to make new discoveries, which then go on to inspire better and more innovative inventions.

Tech Tree[]

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