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For the technology from The Black Death, see Invention (technology) (Civ6).
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Invention is a Wildcard Policy Card in Civilization VI.

Strategy Edit

Invention is one of the last Wildcard policies to come online, helping you to attract Great Engineers. It will never become obsolete, so chances are you will make good use of it during your middle and late game. Great Engineers have a very diverse set of abilities which may potentially aid all types of empires striving for all sorts of victories; still, the moment they shine is in the last stages of the game, when they can significantly accelerate your Science Victory projects.

Civilopedia entry Edit

Since the fall of Rome, things hadn’t changed much in Europe – although to the east, the Arabs had certainly been busy inventing all sorts of things. The old knowledge and technology of the ancients defined the European world. But with the Renaissance, as the Church’s strictures on curiosity loosened, all sorts of tinkerers like Leonardo da Vinci and Johannes Gutenberg began inventing “new” things. Too, many of the Islamic inventions, from the crank-connecting rod to the guitar to the toothbrush to the vertical-axle windmill, seeped into Europe by way of the Moors. All this inventing would lay the foundations for the Scientific Revolution still to come.

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