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Iron Iron is a Strategic Resource of the Ancient Era in Civilization VI. It is revealed by Bronze Working.

Iron Iron is found in a variety of terrain, but always on Hills.


Iron Iron is usually one of the first resources to be revealed in any given game. Likewise, it is a fairly common, fairly valuable early-game metal that is used to create strong, heavy military units during the Classical and Medieval Eras. It is relatively unique in that it grants a Science Science boost; very few resources save Mercury Mercury and Tea Tea are capable of doing this until Aluminum Aluminum. Early discovery of Iron Iron can therefore help civilizations with their research efforts as they attempt to gain an early technology lead, either by working the tile or using the Iron Iron to build Swordsmen and capturing cities to produce more Science Science.

Civilopedia entry[]

By mass the most common element on Earth, with an atomic number of 26, iron is fairly malleable under heat … and fairly useful. Iron beads dating to about 3500 BC have been found in the excavations at Gerzah, Egypt. Iron proved useful for all kinds of things needed by early civilizations: cooking pots, hinges, tools, and pointy weapons to stab other people with.

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