Irrigation (Civ3)

Irrigation increases food production. Only squares adjacent to fresh water (river or lake) or to another irrigated square may be irrigated. After the discovery of Electricity, you can irrigate a tile without proximity to fresh water.

Since Play the World it is possible to irrigate through the city square.[1] In other words, if a city square has an adjacent irrigated tile, any other tile adjacent to that city square can be irrigated too. And unlike normal irrigation, cities can be built on hills.

Terrain Produces with irrigation
Flood Plain 3 food 4 food
Grassland 2 food 3 food
Plains 1 food 2 food
Hills/Tundra 1 food cannot be irrigated
Mountain 0 food cannot be irrigated

Workers are ordered to irrigate by pressing [I] or the "Irrigate" button.


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