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The Jaguar is the unique unit of the Aztec civilization.


The Jaguar has the following differences from the Swordsman it replaces:

Civilopedia entry[]

The most feared predator of their Mexican empire, the Aztecs embraced the wild jaguar as a totem for their warrior elite. These soldiers were ferocious fighters, often emerging victorious even when badly outnumbered. The Jaguar Warriors carried obsidian swords and wooden shields for weaponry, and wore jaguar skins with their faces peering out of the animal's head to frighten their opponents. Only the greatest of Aztec warriors were granted the honor of becoming Jaguar Warriors, which usually required the capture of four or five enemies in battle. These savage fighters were universally feared throughout Mesoamerica but proved to be no match for the combined forces of the many cities that surrounded Tenochtitlan (the Aztec capital city) and the Spanish Conquistadors.