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Game InfoEdit

Unique front-line unit of the Aztec civilization. Replaces the Warrior. Available right from the start of the game.

  • Special abilities:
    • Combat Bonus in Forest/Jungle (33)
    • Woodsman (Double movement rate Through Forest and Jungle. Movement bonus does not stack with roads or railroads.)
    • Heals 2 (GodsKings5 clear 25) damage If Kills a Unit


The Jaguar is the Aztec replacement for the Warrior and is thus available right from the start of the game. Its bonuses in forests and jungles are only matched by the Iroquois civilization's Mohawk Warrior, but its ability to heal when killing a unit gives it the advantage. This can be very useful in combat.

Combine those bonuses with the civilization's 20xCulture5 Culture bonus when killing any unit, and you get one of the best early rush civilizations in the game. Furthermore, all its bonuses are transferred when the unit is upgraded, which makes it imperative for the Aztec player to produce as many Jaguars as possible while they're still available. Afterwards they will form a formidable base for your army!

Civilopedia entryEdit

In Aztec culture, war was as much a religious rite as it was a political tool. Young stallions had to capture or kill enemies in order to attain high status, and ever-increasing numbers of prisoners were needed as sacrifices for the Aztecs' religious rituals. The Jaguar Warriors were elite professional soldiers in the Aztec army. Clad in jaguar skins and equipped with deadly "macuahuitls" (wooden swords studded with sharp obsidian shards), the Jaguars were perhaps the deadliest light infantry found in Pre-Columbian Central and North America.

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