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 "At the south-west corner a large perpendicular mass of sandstone has become separated by a deep fissure from the body of the mountain … it has all the appearance of a colossal statue."
– E. A. Wallis Budge
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Jebel Barkal is a Classical Era Wonder in Civilization VI. It must be built on Desert Hills.

Vanilla and Rise and Fall[]

  • Effects:
    • Awards 2 Iron Iron.
    • Provides +4 Faith Faith to all your cities that are within 6 tiles.

Gathering Storm[]

  • Effects:
    • Awards 6 Iron Iron per turn.
    • Provides +4 Faith Faith to all your cities that are within 6 tiles.


Jebel Barkal is beneficial to both religious and militaristic civilizations. It is particularly useful with Theocracy (or the Grand Master's Chapel in Rise and Fall), since it allows nearby cities to generate Faith Faith that can be used to purchase units and the Iron Iron it provides will enable all of the owner's cities to produce Swordsmen and Knights. The maximum amount of Faith Faith you can get out of this Wonder is 52 Faith Faith, including the city it is built in and 12 surrounding cities within a 6 tile radius (so that you satisfy the 3-tile apart rule between every two cities, for more visualization, check here); however, don't go out of your way to sacrifice Fresh Water access and growing space just to get a little bit more Faith Faith. This Wonder can provide a strong Faith Faith generation early game, which is helpful for civilizations with Religious tendency, but sometimes the main challenge is to find a Desert Hills tile when your civilization does not have Desert starting bias like Nubia or Mali. The Maya, despite having no religious tendency, can also make use of this Wonder, since they always try to pack as many cities as possible around their Capital Capital without having to worry about Fresh Water access. The extra Iron Iron is welcome, but it is already very abundant as a Strategic Resource, and becomes obsolete in warfare quite quickly.

Civilopedia entry[]

A lonely mountain rises from the flat Sudanese desert, west of a bend in the Nile. At its base once stood a palace where ancient kingdoms ruled for centuries. Now, there are only ruins.

Easily recognizable from a great distance, the flat-topped mountain of Jebel Barkal was a waypoint for travelers in ancient times. It indicated a point of relatively safe crossing (just downstream of the Nile's Fourth Cataract). After the Fifteenth Century BCE, it also noted the location of Napata, Egypt's southernmost border city that, 500 years later, would become the capital of the Nubian Kingdom of Kush.

Since the 19th Century, archaeologists have excavated a wealth of historical information from Jebel Barkal including temple ruins, stonework carved into the mountain, and ancient inscriptions dating back to the Egyptian occupation of the region. The Nubian pyramids in the shadow of the mountain later served as tombs for Meroitic kings and queens.


Related achievements[]

Overclocked Conviction
Overclocked Conviction
After building the Jebel Barkal wonder, earn 28 Faith per turn on its tile.
'Overclocking' is a way in which computer hardware is tweaked to perform faster. In this context, 'conviction' is in regards to the faith yield of the wonder and 'overclocking' is the big boost from it.
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