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The Jersey System is a civilization color selection system introduced to Civilization VI in the February 2019 Update, coinciding with the release of the Gathering Storm expansion. It is used to prevent two or more leaders from having similar color schemes.

Each leader has four "jerseys." If the game determines that a leader's color is too similar to another's, it will use the first alternative. If the first alternative is also too similar, the game switches to the second. There are also several default colors which are used when all of a leader's alternate jerseys are taken.


There are 28 colors used for the jerseys.

Color Hex Code Color Name Civ Wiki Name
Red Light #e57574 Geraldine Pink
Red Medium #ca1415 Venetian Red Red
Red Dark #780001 Sangria Dark Red
Orange Light #ffb23c Supernova Light Orange
Orange Medium #ff8112 Pumpkin Orange
Orange Dark #783d02 Saddle Brown Brown
Yellow Light #eae19d Witch Haze Light Yellow
Yellow Medium #f7d801 School Bus Yellow Yellow
Yellow Dark #867202 Olive Olive
Green Light #79e077 Light Green Light Green
Green Medium #61bf22 Kelly Green Green
Green Dark #156c30 Crusoe Dark Green
Aqua Light #7dece3 Turquoise Blue Cyan
Aqua Medium #00c09b Caribbean Green Turquoise
Aqua Dark #014f51 Sherpa Blue Teal
Blue Light #74a3f3 Cornflower Blue Light Blue
Blue Medium #004fce Navy Blue Blue
Blue Dark #012a6c Sapphire Dark Blue
Purple Light #b780e6 Biloba Flower Light Purple
Purple Medium #6d00cd Dark Violet Purple
Purple Dark #370065 Purple Dark Purple
Magenta Light #ff99ff Violet Light Magenta
Magenta Medium #ff00ff Fuchsia Magenta
Magenta Dark #750073 Purple Dark Magenta
White Light #f9f9f9 Snow White
White Medium #535353 Matterhorn Dark Gray
White Medium 2 #aeaeae Dark Gray Gray
Black #181818 Nero Black


Civilization Leader Main Alt1 Alt2 Alt3 Notes
American Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt
American (Teddy Roosevelt (Bull Moose)) (Civ6).png America2.png America3.png America4.png The colors are from the American flag.
Teddy Roosevelt (Rough Rider)
Teddy Roosevelt (Rough Rider)
America2.png American (Teddy Roosevelt (Bull Moose)) (Civ6).png America3.png America4.png
Arabian Saladin
Arabian (Civ6).png Arabia2.png Arabia3.png Arabia4.png Green has often been associated with Islamic culture. The second jersey appears to be inspired by the Saudi Arabian flag.
Australian John Curtin
John Curtin
Australian (Civ6).png Australia2.png Australia3.png Australia4.png The main colors are the national colors of Australia. The second and third alternates are from the Australian flag.
Aztec Montezuma
Aztec (Civ6).png Aztec2.png Aztec3.png Aztec4.png
Babylonian Hammurabi
Babylonian (Civ6).png Babylon2.png Babylon3.png Babylon4.png
Brazilian Pedro II
Pedro II
Brazilian (Civ6).png Brazil2.png Brazil3.png Brazil4.png The colors are from the Brazilian flag.
Byzantine Basil II
Basil II
Byzantine (Civ6).png Byzantium2.png Byzantium3.png Byzantium4.png Purple was the color of the monarch of the Byzantine Empire.
Canadian Wilfrid Laurier
Wilfrid Laurier
Canadian (Civ6).png Canada2.png Canada3.png Canada4.png The colors are from the Canadian flag.
Chinese Qin Shi Huang
Qin Shi Huang
Chinese (Qin Shi Huang) (Civ6).png China2.png China3.png China4.png Jade, red, and yellow are significant colors in China, while the fourth alternate uses colors on the Qing flag.
Kublai Khan (Chinese)
Kublai Khan (Chinese)
Chinese (Kublai Khan) (Civ6).png Chinese (Qin Shi Huang) (Civ6).png ChineseKublaiKhan3.png ChineseKublaiKhan4.png
Cree Poundmaker
Cree (Civ6).png Cree2.png Cree3.png Cree4.png
Dutch Wilhelmina
Dutch (Civ6).png Dutch2.png Dutch3.png Dutch4.png The orange is from the Dutch royal family.
Egyptian Cleopatra
Egyptian (Civ6).png Egypt2.png Egypt3.png Egypt4.png
English Victoria
England (Victoria) (Civ6).png England2.png England3.png England4.png The colors are from the Union Jack flag.
Eleanor of Aquitaine (English)
Eleanor of Aquitaine (English)
England (Eleanor of Aquitaine) (Civ6).png EnglandEleanor2.png England2.png EnglandEleanor4.png
Ethiopian Menelik II
Menelik II
Ethiopian (Civ6).png Ethiopia2.png Ethiopia3.png Ethiopia4.png The colors are from the Ethiopian flag.
French Catherine de Medici
Catherine de Medici
France (Catherine de Medici) (Civ6).png France2.png France3.png France4.png The first two jerseys use the colors of two of the flags of the Kingdom of France, while the last two use colors from the republic.
Catherine de Medici (Magnificence)
Catherine de Medici (Magnificence)
France2.png France (Catherine de Medici) (Civ6).png France3.png France4.png
Eleanor of Aquitaine (French)
Eleanor of Aquitaine (French)
France (Eleanor of Aquitaine) (Civ6).png France (Catherine de Medici) (Civ6).png FranceEleanor3.png FranceEleanor4.png
Gallic Ambiorix
Gallic (Civ6).png Gaul2.png Gaul3.png Gaul4.png
Georgian Tamar
Georgian (Civ6).png Georgia2.png Georgia3.png Georgia4.png The second jersey uses the colors of the Georgian flag. The third jersey uses colors from the former Georgian flag.
German Frederick Barbarossa
Frederick Barbarossa
German (Civ6).png Germany2.png Germany3.png Germany4.png The main jersey uses grey that is common in German uniforms. The second jersey uses the colors of the Holy Roman Empire's flag.
Greek Pericles
Greek (Pericles) (Civ6).png Greece2.png Greece3.png Greece4.png Blue and white are the national colors of Greece.
Greek (Gorgo) (Civ6).png GreeceGorgo2.png Greek (Pericles) (Civ6).png Greece2.png
Gran Colombian Simón Bolívar
Simón Bolívar
Gran Colombian (Civ6).png Gran Colombia2.png Gran Colombia3.png Gran Colombia4.png The colors are from the flag of Gran Colombia
Hungarian Matthias Corvinus
Matthias Corvinus
Hungarian (Civ6).png Hungary2.png Hungary3.png Hungary4.png The third jersey uses colors from the Hungarian flag.
Incan Pachacuti
Incan (Civ6).png Inca2.png Inca3.png Inca4.png
Indian Gandhi
Indian (Gandhi) (Civ6).png India2.png India3.png India4.png The third and fourth jerseys are from the Indian flag.
India2.png Indian (Gandhi) (Civ6).png India3.png India4.png
Indonesian Gitarja
Indonesian (Civ6).png Indonesia2.png Indonesia3.png Indonesia4.png The third jersey uses the color of Indonesian flag.
Japanese Hojo Tokimune
Hojo Tokimune
Japanese (Civ6).png Japan2.png Japan3.png Japan4.png The first two jerseys are from the Japanese flag, while the other two jerseys use Japan's football colors.
Khmer Jayavarman VII
Jayavarman VII
Khmer (Civ6).png Khmer2.png Khmer3.png Khmer4.png
Kongolese Mvemba a Nzinga
Mvemba a Nzinga
Kongolese (Civ6).png Kongo2.png Kongo3.png Kongo4.png
Korean Seondeok
Korean (Civ6).png Korea2.png Korea3.png Korea4.png
Macedonian Alexander
Macedonian (Civ6).png Macedon2.png Macedon3.png Macedon4.png The second and fourth jerseys use the flag of Ancient Macedon, while the third is from the flag of North Macedonia.
Malian Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa
Malian (Civ6).png Mali2.png Mali3.png Mali4.png
Māori Kupe
Māori (Civ6).png Maori2.png Maori3.png Maori4.png
Mapuche Lautaro
Mapuche (Civ6).png Mapuche2.png Mapuche3.png Mapuche4.png
Mayan Lady Six Sky
Lady Six Sky
Mayan (Civ6).png Maya2.png Maya3.png Maya4.png
Mongolian Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan
Mongolian (Genghis Khan) (Civ6).png Mongolia2.png Mongolia3.png Mongolia4.png
Kublai Khan (Mongolian)
Kublai Khan (Mongolian)
Mongolia2.png MongoliaKublaiKhan2.png MongoliaKublaiKhan3.png Mongolia4.png
Norwegian Harald Hardrada
Harald Hardrada
Norwegian (Civ6).png Norway2.png Norway3.png Norway4.png The first two jerseys use the colours of the flag of Norway, while the latter two jerseys use the colours of the Norwegian coat of arms.
Nubian Amanitore
Nubian (Civ6).png Nubia2.png Nubia3.png Nubia4.png The colors references the fact that the Nubian Kingdom was located on a desert.
Ottoman Suleiman
Ottoman (Civ6).png Ottoman2.png Ottoman3.png Ottoman4.png Green and white are colors associated with Islam, while red and white are from the flag of the Ottoman Empire.
Persian Cyrus
Persian (Civ6).png Persia2.png Persia3.png Persia4.png
Phoenician Dido
Phoenician (Civ6).png Phoenicia2.png Phoenicia3.png Phoenicia4.png The purple colors are a reference to Tyrian purple.
Polish Jadwiga
Polish (Civ6).png Poland2.png Poland3.png Poland4.png Red and white are the national colors of Poland.
Portuguese João III
João III
Portuguese (Civ6).png Portugal2.png Portugal3.png Portugal4.png White and blue were the colors of the Kingdom of Portugal. Red and green are the colors of the Republic of Portugal.
Roman Trajan
Roman (Civ6).png Rome2.png Rome3.png Rome4.png
Russian Peter
Russian (Civ6).png Russia2.png Russia3.png Russia4.png The first jersey use the colors of Imperial Russia. The other three uses the colors of the Russian flag.
Scottish Robert the Bruce
Robert the Bruce
Scottish (Civ6).png Scotland2.png Scotland3.png Scotland4.png The first two jerseys use the colours of the flag of Scotland, while the third jersey uses the colours of the royal banner of Scotland.
Scythian Tomyris
Scythian (Civ6).png Scythia2.png Scythia3.png Scythia4.png
Spanish Philip II
Philip II
Spanish (Civ6).png Spain2.png Spain3.png Spain4.png The first two jerseys use the colours of the flag of Spain.
Sumerian Gilgamesh
Sumerian (Civ6).png Sumeria2.png Sumeria3.png Sumeria4.png
Swedish Kristina
Swedish (Civ6).png Sweden2.png Sweden3.png Sweden4.png The first two jerseys use the colours of the flag of Sweden. The other two references the old Swedish flag.
Vietnamese Bà Triệu
Bà Triệu
Vietnamese (Civ6).png Vietnam2.png Vietnam3.png Vietnam4.png The third jersey uses the colors of Vietnam's modern-day flag.
Zulu Shaka
Zulu (Civ6).png Zulu2.png Zulu3.png Zulu4.png Brown and white references the colors of the zulu shields, made of cow hide.

Other jerseys[]

Subject Example icon Notes
Cultural city-state Kumasi (Civ6).png
Industrial city-state Hong Kong (Civ6).png
Militaristic city-state Kabul (Civ6).png
Religious city-state Jerusalem (Civ6).png
Scientific city-state Geneva (Civ6).png
Trade city-state Bandar Brunei (Civ6).png
Maritime city-state[1] Maritime City-State (Civ6).png Slightly modified version of light blue (#87d4ff)
Free Cities R&F-Only.png Free Cities (Civ6).png Slightly modified version of dark grey (#322d2d)
Barbarians Barbarian (Civ6).png
  1. Path to Nirvana scenario only


  • There are also 3 other sets of color definitions for people with a defect of vision (Deuteranopia, Protanopia, Tritanopia). For example, Standard Red Light color is #e57574, while Deuteranopia Red Light color is #888050.