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Jerusalem is a religious city-state in Civilization VI. Its bonuses mostly aid in the spreading of religion.

Civilopedia Entry Edit

With portions of the old town having been constructed over 6000 years ago, Jerusalem is one of the most ancient still-standing cities in the world. Not without a lot of luck, for throughout its tumultuous history, Jerusalem has come under assault numerous times, as grasping empires and religious warriors alike have killed each other by the thousands to wrest control of the city from one another.

The oldest neighborhoods in Jerusalem, the “City of David,” are said to have been built by the legendary king sometime during the first millennium BC. Over the centuries that followed, immigrants and refugees living under a number of kings, priests, and prophets worked to expand the city. By the time the Islamic caliphates rose to power in the 7th Century AD and seized it in the name of Allah in 638, Jerusalem had already been overrun by the Macedonian, Roman, and Byzantine empires.

Not content with the city's current leadership, in 1095 Pope Urban II called upon Christian knights to liberate Jerusalem with the sword. What followed was two hundred years of bloodshed. In the end the Arabs ruled the city still (although they lost it for a time). They in turn were followed by the Ottomans, British and Jordanians.

The past century has arguably been the most controversial in Jerusalem’s sad history, after the establishment of the Jewish state of Israel and its subsequent annexation of the whole of the city following the Six-Day War in 1967.


  • Jerusalem's city-state symbol is the Lion of Judah, a Jewish national and culture symbol.
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