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The Jet Bomber is an Information Era air bomber unit in Civilization VI. It upgrades from the Bomber (or its replacements) and requires Aluminum (Civ6) Aluminum.

In the Gathering Storm expansion, the Jet Bomber requires 1 Aluminum (Civ6) Aluminum to train and 1 Aluminum (Civ6) Aluminum per turn to maintain.

  • Attributes:
  • Abilities:
    • May Pillage tile improvements and District (Civ6) Districts (destroying them, but not gaining yields).
    • May perform a Nuclear and Thermonuclear Strike, if your civilization has these weapons.
    • Priority target: may attack Civilian or Support units in formation directly


Jet Bombers are invaluable units in Information Era warfare. Using normal bombing runs, Jet Bombers can quickly wear down a city's defenses, allowing the city to be taken easily. If necessary, a Jet Bomber is also capable of performing a Nuclear or Thermonuclear Strike, which will instantly destroy the defenses of any cities caught within the blast radius.

Civilopedia entry Edit

As fighters got faster and more lethal, for a brief period jet bombers were considered necessary by Cold War air forces … until intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles promised the ability to rain destruction on distant cities with less fuss. The United States designed the XB-70 Valkyrie, for instance, to carry nuclear warheads across the pole to Russia – only two were ever built. The B-1 Lancer was somewhat more successful; with a speed of Mach-2 it could (hopefully) outrun the nuclear blast so the crew might survive – about 100 of the B-1B version were put in service as “low-level penetrators.” But in general, the old B-52s and Soviet Tu-95 series worked just as well (although their attack would be a one-way trip), and were a lot cheaper. In modern air forces, the distinctions between bombers, fighter-bombers and fighters have blurred considerably, such that most aircraft in service today could be considered “jet bombers.”


  • The Jet Bomber's model is based on the B-52 Stratofortress, an American long-range bomber built by Boeing after World War II.

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