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John Rockefeller is a Modern Era Great Merchant in Civilization VI.

Unique ability[]

Grants 1 Oil Oil, a Strategic resource (3 Oil Oil per turn in Gathering Storm). Your Trade Route Trade Routes gain +2 Gold Gold for each Strategic resource improved by the destination city.


Ever since the changes made to strategic resource mechanics in Gathering Storm, Rockefeller has been a phenomenal Great Merchant to aim for. His bonus of +3 Oil Oil every turn is excellent for supporting Power Power infrastructure when Oil Oil is hard for you to come by. Even if you should have an alternative Power Power source such as Coal Coal, Rockefeller can help you support powerful Modern Era units like the Infantry and the Tank. His bonus to Trade Route Trade Routes is not as powerful as his primary ability, but it can still be useful. Look out for the civilizations who are trying to go for a Scientific Victory (you can have an idea which empire is going for which Victory condition by having high Visibility Diplomatic Visibility levels on your opponents, or by simply checking the Victory tracking tab), since these are the ones that love Strategic resources (technically, Domination Victory seekers love Strategic resources as well, but you probably won't be trading with them anytime soon considering their end goals). England and Canada should also often have cities with a lot of Strategic resource nodes, since their abilities encourage it. Whoever is the Suzerain of Taruga may also try to focus on Strategic resources, but this isn't guaranteed, and also they will be focus on diversity more than quantity, which is not what you want. On the Four-Leaf Clover and Six-Armed Snowflake maps, civilizations that win the expansion race towards the center of the map are also prime candidates.

Civilopedia entry[]

There's “rich” … and then there’s John D. Rockefeller. Co-founder of the Standard Oil Company in 1870 AD, by the mid-1880s he controlled some 90 percent of all refineries and pipelines in the United States. In 1911 the Supreme Court found Standard Oil in violation of anti-trust laws and ordered it dissolved, but that didn’t slow John D. much. Based on 1918 federal income tax records, Rockefeller earned about 1.5 billion dollars that year, roughly 2% of the country’s total wealth. At his death, he was estimated to be worth the equivalent of $341 billion.

Born in July 1839 in Richford, he was the eldest son of William Rockefeller, either a travelling salesman or a con artist. Industrious to a fault, John earned money raising turkeys, selling potatoes and candy, doing odd jobs, and even loaning neighbors small sums with low interest. And he learned to be shrewd; his father once bragged, “I cheat my boys every chance I get.” In 1853, John took a business course at Folsom’s Commercial College, and became an assistant bookkeeper.

In 1859, Rockefeller and Maurice Clark together raised four thousand dollars and opened their own firm, dealing in wholesale food. In 1863 John D. and his partners entered the oil business. They built an oil refinery in Cleveland’s industrial area “The Flats." John, in control of the company, found inventive ways to reinvest profits, control costs and even sell the refineries’ waste by-products. In 1870, Rockefeller bought out his partners and incorporated the Standard Oil Company; thanks to favorable economic conditions and Rockefeller’s own “business acumen” (a polite term for ruthless practices) it soon dominated the market. After Standard Oil was broken up, he spent his last years being a philanthropist and died in 1937.

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