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Game Info[]

A Great Person, unique to the Mongolian civilization. Replaces the Great General.

  • Common abilities:
    • Leadership (+15% Combat bonus to all Land units within 2 tiles.)
  • Special abilities:
    • Enhanced Medic (This unit and all others in adjacent tiles Heal 15 Additional HP per turn.)
  • Special traits:
  • Actions:

The unit is expended after performing either of these actions.


The Mongolian Khan is a significant improvement over the standard Great General. Besides normal combat bonuses and the ability to construct a Citadel, the Khan is able to move at the same rate as the Keshik (5 points per turn), which confers him enormous mobility throughout the game. But more importantly, the Khan enables adjacent units (but not units on the same tile!) to heal for an additional 2 HP per turn (15 in Gods & Kings and Brave New World). This beefed-up Great General ensures that his cavalry units will always be in a battle ready state.

Civilopedia entry[]

Originally the Khans were tribal chieftains of the Mongol people, ruling anywhere from one tribe to a loose confederation of many smaller ones. At the time of Genghis' rise to power, the title was generally reserved for military leaders, but was later used to denote the civil leaders of the Mongolian Empire as well. The Khans were the elected rulers of the empire provinces, holding their titles based on merit and loyalty rather than blood ties. These leaders often served as generals as well, leading the large Mongolian armies in their successful raids and conquests. Later, an extension of the word was created, "Khagan," to denote the grand ruler, the Khan of Khans so to speak, but this wasn't used until after Genghis Khan's death in 1227 AD.

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