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Game Info[]

Powerful Medieval Era mounted unit. Upgrades from the Chariot Archer and the Horseman. Requires Horses Horses.

  • Common abilities:
    • Can Move After Attacking
    • Penalty Attacking Cities (33)
    • No Defensive Terrain Bonuses


The Knight is a fast and powerful unit, the undisputed king of the medieval battlefield. He is the concept of medieval armor brought to the back of a horse - a mountain of steel plates and helmets waving a long sword and bringing his lance to bear against his enemies. The Knight retains the features of earlier cavalry, and is able to move after it attacks, allowing it to make holes in the enemy lines and then ride straight through them. Lightly-armored units can rarely withstand a Knight's charge, so units of the Classical Era rarely stand a chance against them. Pikemen, however, are deadly with their long weapons, so keep your Knights away from them!

Civilopedia entry[]

Almost always comprised of a nation's nobility - the only people who could afford the equipment, horses, and extensive training required - knights were the heavy cavalry of the medieval army. During much of the Middle Ages knights dominated the battlefield. Their superior armor provided good protection from arrows and spears, and their great mobility made them able to exploit an enemy's weakness anywhere on the battlefield. It took a great deal of courage to face a knight's charge. A wall of pikemen might be a match for onrushing knights, but only if they had the discipline and guts to stand their ground. If they flinched, they were dead.

Unofficial custom card[]

Custom homemade card featuring the Knight.