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Korea is a militaristic City-State City-State in Civilization V. Militaristic city-states give units to your army when you befriend or ally with them.

Game Info[]

Korea is introduced in the Rise of the Mongols scenario. When it is captured, the player receives 2 Crossbowman near the Capital Capital.

Musical Theme Inspiration: Same as Hanoi (Vi Dam)

Architecture: Asian

Civilopedia entry[]

At the time of the Mongolian Empire, the Kingdom of Korea was ruled by the Goryeo dynasty, which took power in 918 AD. During this reign the nation flourished: its laws were codified, a civil service system was introduced, and it made great cultural advancements with the creation of the world's first movable-metal-type printing press. Starting in the 1230s however, the kingdom became threatened by Mongolian forces, who continued a heated invasion attempt for the next few decades. In 1259 the nation sued for peace, and a treaty was drawn up between Korea and the Mongols. The Goryeo were allowed to keep their sovereignty, while the Mongolian Empire annexed a large portion of the northern Provinces.

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