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Kumasi is a cultural city-state in Civilization VI.


Spawning next to Kumasi is the dream of any player, as this is one of the very best city-states in the game. Ignoring the fact that this is a cultural city-state and how valuable Culture Culture is at any point of the game for any victory condition, Kumasi's suzerain bonus is nothing short of being wildly overpowered. It focuses mostly on the amassing of Culture Culture from city-state Trade Route Trade Route, allowing you to gain a massive amount of Culture Culture very quickly and help you race through the civic tree. Just to provide an example, a city with 10 Citizen Population can build four specialty districts, which translates to +8 Culture Culture and +4 Gold Gold per turn for each Trade Route Trade Route that city sends to a city-state.

In the early game, Culture Culture has very limited availability, as it is very difficult to earn high adjancency bonuses for Theater Squares and Theater Square buildings are very expensive. Just by having the suzerainty of Kumasi, a player, even without a wide empire, will have no problem being the one with the most Culture Culture per turn in the game, unlocking wonders, policy cards, and governments they need for any strategy far before anyone else. This ability has a lot of synergy with the Great Merchant Ibn Fadlan, and works well with both a wide and a tall empire.

For the reasons above, whenever you see Kumasi in your game, especially in the early stages, send any Envoy Envoy you can come across there. This is one of the powerful city-states that can greatly influence the outcome of the game, so if you cannot compete for Kumasi due to the presence of a diplomatic civilization, think about conquering it to deny its great bonus from falling into the wrong hand.

Civilopedia entry[]

There is archeological evidence that there has been a settlement at Kumasi since the Neolithic period. But the town wasn't commonly known until 1695 AD when it became the center of the Ashanti Confederation under Osei Tutu. With the 1701 victory over the Denkyira tribes, Kumasi became the cultural as well as the political center of the Ashanti ethnic group. Located astride two Saharan trade routes, it also became quite wealthy … and the discovery of gold in the kingdom didn’t hurt.

No doubt the latter contributed to the legend that the priest and lawgiver Ohomfo Anokye received the Golden Stool from heaven, the embodiment of the spirit of the Ashanti peoples – past, present and future. Except, of course, the slaves; slavery was a historical tradition among the Ashanti, and were often taken in warfare or by raiding nearby tribes. Slaves were occasionally sacrificed, and were expected to follow their masters into the afterlife (usually with a little help). But on the positive side, Ashanti slaves could own other slaves and even request a transfer of ownership if they deemed themselves abused.

Kumasi was doing quite well, an artistic metropolis by all accounts, until the Anglo-Ashanti Wars … five of them between 1824 and 1901. The conflict was triggered by several coastal kingdoms in Ghana threatened by Ashanti expansion which called upon the British for protection; British greed for gold just may have been a factor also. Whatever the reasons, near the end of the Third Anglo-Ashanti War much of Kumasi, including the palace, was destroyed by British forces after their victories at the hard-fought battles of Amoaful and Ordashu. Although two more wars were left, Kumasi never regained its prominence and stature.

It did, however remain the cultural center of the Ashanti; ceremonial control of Kumasi was restored to the Ashanti in 1926. In 1935 the Ashanti Autonomous Region was established in the British territory, with Kumasi as its capital.


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