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Lagrange Laser Station (Civ6)

Lagrange Laser Station is a project in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. It becomes available after researching Offworld Mission and completing the Exoplanet Expedition project, and requires a Spaceport district and 30 Aluminum (Civ6) Aluminum.

This project powers up the exoplanet spacecraft by building and launching an orbital laser (presumably at Lagrangian point), which uses the sun's energy to produce an ultracharged beam. It increases the speed of the Exoplanet Expedition by 1 Light Year per turn, accelerating the player's Science Victory progress.

This project may be completed multiple times. Since its resource requirement is a one-time charge, it is guaranteed to provide its bonus as long as one has the Aluminum (Civ6) Aluminum to afford it.

Science Victory Steps
Vanilla Civilization VI and Rise and Fall Gathering Storm
Launch Earth Satellite (Civ6) Launch a satellite
Launch Moon Landing (Civ6) Land a human on the Moon
Launch Mars Habitation (Civ6) Establish a Martian Colony Mars Colony (Civ6) Establish a Martian Colony
Exoplanet Expedition (Civ6) Launch an Exoplanet Expedition
Terrestrial Laser Station (Civ6) Reach the exoplanet
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