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Lake is a base terrain in Civilization VI. It is found throughout the world, formed by up to 9 water tiles completely surrounded by land.


A relatively small expanse of shallow water which is surrounded entirely by land is considered a Lake. Their main function is to provide a source of fresh water for cities founded next to them (or connected to them via an Aqueduct); this is also their main differential from Coast. However, if they are big enough, they will almost always have at least one resource and can thus be explored just like seas and oceans.

Huey Teocalli is specifically designed to enhance Lakes. It adds +1 Food Food and Production Production to all Lake tiles for a total yield of 2 Food Food, 1 Production Production and 1 Gold Gold, plus any additional bonuses from resources (and bonus Amenities Amenities for the city which built it).

Note that Harbors can still be built on Lakes, and units may embark there. Of course, since Lakes are by definition landlocked, it doesn't make much sense to Embark units just to cross one instead of going around it by land, unless otherwise blocked such as by a Mountain.

In Rise and Fall you can build the new Water Park district in a Lake. This is especially useful for single-tile Lakes, which are of little use otherwise. The Water Park, with its special buildings and wider effect, is often a better alternative to the Entertainment Complex.

In Gathering Storm the new Canal district will allow connecting Lakes in suitable locations to the open ocean, or to any nearby body of water.

Lake names[]

Gathering Storm introduced a new mechanic in which Lakes can have different names based on the first civilization that finds them. Below is the list of the names and civilization of origin:

Lakes Civilization Notes
Agua Vermelha Brazil
Altyevatnet Norway Appears to be a misspelling of Altevatnet, which lies in the county of Troms og Finnmark in Northern Norway. Also known as Álddesjávri in Northern Sámi, it covers nearly 80km2.
aManzamnyama Zulu
Aral Sea Russia, Scythia The Aral Sea was an endorheic lake lying between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan which began shrinking in the 1960s and had largely dried up by the 2010s. When completely full it was the fourth largest lake in the world.
Ba Bể Lake Vietnam
Baengnokdam Korea A crater lake on top of the Hallasan volcano on Jeju Island in South Korea. The name means "white deer lake".
Bakhtegan Lake Persia Used to be a salt lake in Fars Province, Iran and the second largest of the country. Lake Bakhtegan is now completely dry due to dams built on the Kor River.
Bassenthwaite Lake England One of the largest water bodies in the English Lake District. Also the only body of water in the Lake District with the word "lake" in its name.
Blåsjø Norway Covering 84.48km2 in the counties of Agder and Rogaland, this lake is artificial, formed by the Ulla-Førre hydropower complex, which consists of three hydroelectric power stations: Kvilldal, Saurdal and Hylen.
Boeung Kak Khmer It once was the largest urban lake in Phnom Penh. Now the lake has been filled with sand and the area is used for real estate development.
Bourget Lake France Lac du Bourget in French. Located within the Jura Mountains in the Savoie department, it is the deepest lake located entirely within France.
Budi Lake Mapuche A tidal brackish water lake located near the coast of La Araucanía Region in Chile.
Buwełno Lake Poland
Caburgua Lake Mapuche Located in the La Auracanía Region of Chile, it is a part of the Huerquehue National Park.
Chao Lake China Also known by its Chinese name Chao Hu, it is the largest lake in Anhui Province and one of the five largest freshwater lakes in China.
Chinchayqucha Inca Also known as Lago Junín or Lake Junin, it is the largest lake entirely within Peruvian territory.
Conison Lake England A misspelt Coniston Water, the third largest body of water in the Lake District.
Dąbie Lake Poland Located within the delta of the Oder River in northwestern Poland. It is named after the Dąbie district of the city of Szczecin.
Dal Lake India An urban lake in Srinagar, summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir region in India. Also known by its nicknames: "Lake of Flowers", "Jewel in the crown of Kashmir" and "Srinagar's Jewel".
Derwentwater Lake England Derwentwater, or Derwent Water, is one of the principal bodies of water in the Lake District National Park in England.
Dipor Bil India A permanent freshwater lake, also known as Deepor Beel, it is situated in the Assam state in India.
Dobskie Lake Poland Located in the Masurian Lake District in Poland. Dobskie Lake is one of six connected lakes which Lake Mamry is comprised of.
Doiran Lake Greece, Macedon Also known as Dojran Lake, it has an area of 43.1 square km (16.6 sq mi) shared between North Macedonia and Greece.
Dongting Lake China Dongting Lake is a large, shallow lake in northeastern Hunan Province, China. It is a flood basin of the Yangtze River, so its volume depends on the season.
El Bricial Spain
Feldges Lake America A lake located in Stearns County, Minnesota.
Femunden Norway Norway's third largest lake, located in the counties of Innlandet and Trøndelag. Covers 203.52km2 and once marked the border with Sweden.
Fucine Lake Rome Known in Italian as Lago Fucino, it was a large endorheic lake in western Abruzzo, central Italy. Once the third largest lake in Italy, it was drained in 1878.
Galletué Lake Mapuche A glacial lake located in the Andes of La Araucanía Region of southern Chile.
Great Bear Lake Canada Largest lake entirely situated in Canada, the fourth-largest in North America and the eighth-largest in the world. It is found in the Northwest Territories.
Great Bitter Lake Arabia, Egypt A saltwater lake in Egypt, connected to the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea via the Suez Canal. The lake is used as a "passing lane" for ships passing through the Suez Canal.
Great Salt Lake America A lake found in the state of Utah, this sodium-rich lake is the namesake of Utah's capital: Salt Lake City.
Great Slave Lake Canada The tenth-largest lake in the world and also the deepest lake (614 metres; 2,014 ft) in North America. It is located in the Northwest Territories of Canada
Greenlee Lough England A national nature reserve in Northumberland, northern England. The lough was used as a reservoir by the Romans on Hadrian's wall.
Guarapiranga Brazil A reservoir in the southern area of the city of Sāo Paulo, Brazil.
Hamun Lake Persia A shallow lake located on the Irano-Afghan border in the Sistan region.
Hawr as Sa'diyah Babylon, Sumer
Heaven Lake Korea A crater lake on the border between China and North Korea. It lies within a caldera atop the volcanic Paektu Mountain. Heaven Lake is recognized as the highest volcanic lake in the world by Guinness Book of Records.
Hjälmaren Sweden Sweden's fourth largest lake, situated in the Central Swedish lowland. It's 63 kilometres long and 20 kilometres wide.
Hồ Tây Vietnam
Hongze Lake China The fourth largest freshwater lake in China, located in Jiangsu Province. It has quadrupled in size since the 12th century.
Hornindalsvatnet Norway Located in the Møre og Romsdal and Vestland counties, this is Norway's and Europe's deepest lake, measuring at a depth of 514 metres. Covers 51km2.
Hulun Lake China, Mongolia A large lake in the Inner Mongolia region of Northern China. It is one of the five largest freshwater lakes in all of China.
Ichkeul Lake Phoenicia Lake Ichkeul is a lake in Tunisia, located 20 kilometres (12 mi) to Bizerte, the northernmost city in Africa on the Mediterranean Sea.
Iliamna Lake America The largest lake in Alaska and the third largest lake entirely in the United States. Through the Kvichak River, its waters drain into Bristol Bay.
Issyk-Kul Lake Scythia Also known as Ysyk Köl, this saline lake in the Tian Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan is the seventh deepest lake in the world. It means "warm lake" in Kyrgyz; although surrounded by snow-capped peaks, it never freezes.
Kartsakhi Lake Georgia This soda lake in the Caucasus Mountains is the second largest lake in Georgia. Part of the lake is located in Turkey, where it is known as Lake Aktaş.
Khar-Us Lake Mongolia Khar-Us Lake is a lake in western Mongolia in the Great Lakes Depression. It is the upper one in a system of the interconnected lakes: Khar-Us, Khar, Dörgön, Airag and Khyargas.
Khövsgöl Lake Mongolia Lake Khövsgöl is the largest fresh water lake in Mongolia by volume and second largest by area. It is located near the northern border of Mongolia.
Khyargas Lake Mongolia Khyargas Lake is a salt lake in Khyargas district, Uvs Province, Western Mongolia.
Kilunda Lake Kongo
Kolleru Lake India Located in the state of Andrha Pradesh in India, it forms the largest shallow freshwater lake in Asia.
Königssee Germany The third deepest lake in Germany, most of the lake is within the Berchtesgaden National Park.
Kosi Lake Zulu Probably better known as Kosi Bay. It is a series of four interlinked lakes in the Maputaland area of the KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa.
Lac de Grand-Lieu France In winter it is the largest lake in France, in the summer second after Lac du Bourget. Only licensed professional fishermen are allowed to use a boat on the lake.
Lagoa da Vela Portugal
Lagoa das Furnas Portugal
Lagoa das Sete Cidades Portugal
Lagoa de Santiago Portugal
Lagoa do Fogo Portugal
Lagoa dos Patos Brazil Lagoa dos Patos translates to Ducks' Lagoon. It is the largest barrier-lagoon in South America and is located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil.
Lagoas de Bertiandos Portugal
Laguna de Baý Otherwise known as Laguna Lake, it is the largest lake in the Philippines.
Laguna de la Cocha Gran Colombia Laguna de la Cocha) is a 39,000-hectare (96,000-acre) volcanic crater lake located within the Pasto Municipality in Nariño, Colombia.
Lắk Lake Vietnam
Lake Abaya Ethiopia Located in the Main Ethiopian Rift, east of the Guge Mountans.
Lake Abbe Ethiopia A salt lake, lying on the Ethiopia-Djibouti border. It is also known as Lake Abhe Bad. The lake is considered one of the most inaccessible areas of the earth.
Lake Aðapaskāw Cree Known in English as Lake Athabasca, the lake is located in Saskatchewan and Alberta provinces of Canada.
Lake Aiguebelette France Lac d'Aiguebelette in French, it is a natural lake within the department of Savoie, France.
Lake Alakol Scythia
Lake Albert
Lake Amadeus Australia
Lake Amatitlán Maya
Lake Ammer Germany
Lake Annecy France
Lake Antogo Mali
Lake Aougoundou Mali
Lake Atitlán
Lake Baikal Russia
Lake Balaton Hungary A freshwater lake in the Transdanubian region of Hungary. The largest lake in Central Europe. Well known for the Balaton Sound electronic music festival.
Lake Balkhash Scythia
Lake Bangweulu
Lake Bardawil Egypt
Lake Benacus Rome
Lake Beyşehir Byzantium, Ottomans
Lake Biwa Japan
Lake Bolsena Rome
Lake Bracciano Rome
Lake Bujon Korea
Lake Burdur Byzantium, Ottomans
Lake Carnegie Australia
Lake Chalco Aztec
Lake Chamo Ethiopia
Lake Champlain America, Canada
Lake Chew Bahir Ethiopia
Lake Chiemsee Germany
Lake Chon Korea
Lake Constance Germany
Lake Copais Greece
Lake Débo Mali
Lake Disappointment Australia
Lake Egirdir Byzantium, Ottomans
Lake Enol Spain
Lake Ercina Spain
Lake Erie America, Canada The fourth largest of the Great Lakes of North America.
Lake Eyre Australia
Lake Faguibine Mali
Lake Fertő Hungary
Lake Frome Australia
Lake Geneva France, Gaul
Lake Gopło Poland
Lake Grevelingen Netherlands Grevelingenmeer (Lake Grevelingen) is a closed off part of the Rhine-Meuse estuary on the border of the Dutch provinces of South Holland and Zeeland. It is the largest saltwater lake in Europe.
Lake Güija Maya
Lake Habbaniyah Babylon, Sumer
Lake Hammar Babylon, Sumer
Lake Hauroko Māori
Lake Herrera Gran Colombia
Lake Hévíz Hungary
Lake Huron America, Canada One of the Great Lakes of North America.
Lake Idku Egypt Lake Idku connects to the Mediterranean Sea. The lake lies to the west of the city of Edku in northern Egypt
Lake IJssel Netherlands The IJsselmeer also known as Lake IJssel in English, is a closed off inland bay in the central Netherlands bordering the provinces of Flevoland, North Holland and Friesland
Lake Inawashiro Japan Lake Inawashiro is the fourth-largest lake in Japan, located in central Fukushima Prefecture, south of Mount Bandai. It is also known as the 'Heavenly Mirror Lake' (天鏡湖, Tenkyōko)
Lake Iseo Rome
Lake Izabal Maya
Lake Iznik Byzantium, Ottomans
Lake Karla Greece
Lake Kasumigaura Japan The second-largest lake in Japan, located 60 km to the north-east of Tokyo.
Lake Kawaguchi Japan
Lake Khanka China, Russia
Lake Khasan Korea
Lake Kivu
Lake Koroneia Greece, Macedon
Lake Kummerow Germany
Lake Ladoga Russia
Lake Larius Rome
Lake Leopoldo Gran Colombia
Lake Louise Canada
Lake Mackay Australia
Lake Mai-Ndombe Kongo
Lake Mamry Poland
Lake Manapouri Māori
Lake Manzala Egypt
Lake Mariout Egypt
Lake Marken Netherlands The Markermeer or Lake Marken is a 700 km2 (270 sq mi) lake in the central Netherlands in between provinces Flevoland and Noord-Holland and its smaller and larger neighbors, the IJmeer and IJsselmeer.
Lake Matano Indonesia
Lake Mer-Wer Egypt
Lake Michigan America One of the Great Lakes of North America.
Lake Mistassini Canada
Lake Müritz Germany
Lake Mweru
Lake Nakaumi Japan
Lake Neuchâtel Gaul
Lake Nhlabane Zulu
Lake Niangay Mali
Lake Nicaragua
Lake Niegocin Poland
Lake Nipigon Canada
Lake of Banyoles Spain Lake of Banyoles or Estany de Banyoles is a natural lake located in the province of Girona in Catalonia, Spain. It is the largest natural lake in Catalonia.
Naarden Lake Netherlands The Naardermeer or Naarden Lake is situated in central The Netherlands, close to its namesake city Naarden.
Lake Nyasa
Lake of the Woods America, Canada
Lake Okeechobee America
Lake Onega Russia
Lake Ontario America, Canada
Lake Paliastomi Georgia This lake is connected to the Black Sea. Also included within the boundaries of the Kolkheti National Park in Georgia.
Lake Peipus Russia
Lake Petén Itzá Maya
Lake Poso Indonesia
Lake Prespa Greece, Macedon
Lake Pukaki Māori The largest of three roughly parallel alpine lakes running north–south along the northern edge of the Mackenzie Basin on New Zealand's South Island.
Lake Puwpu Inca
Lake Rotoiti Māori
Lake Rotomahana Māori
Lake Rotorua Māori
Lake Saimaa
Lake Saint Lucia Zulu
Lake Schwerin Germany
Lake Sentarum Indonesia
Lake Sevan
Lake Shala Ethiopia
Lake Shinji Japan
Lake Sibhayi Zulu
Lake Starnberg Germany
Lake Superior America, Canada One of the Great Lakes of North America.
Lake Szelid Hungary
Lake Tahoe America
Lake Tai China, Scythia
Lake Tana Ethiopia
Lake Tanganyika
Lake Taupo Māori
Lake Taymyr Russia
Lake Texcoco Aztec Saltwater lake in what is now Mexico City. Site of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan. Drained when the Spanish built Mexico City.
Lake Te Anau Māori Second largest lake by surface area in New Zealand. Two of New Zealand's Great Walks start at the lake; the Milford Track and the Kepler track.
Lake Titiqaqa Inca
Lake Toba Indonesia
Lake Torrens Australia
Lake Tota Gran Colombia
Lake Towuti Indonesia
Lake Trasimene Rome
Lake Trichonida Greece
Lake Tumba Kongo
Lake Turkana Ethiopia
Lake Tuz Byzantium, Ottomans
Lake Urmia Persia
Lake Valencia Gran Colombia
Lake Van Byzantium, Ottomans
Lake Vegoritida Greece, Macedon
Lake Velence Hungary
Lake Verbanus Rome
Lake Victoria
Lake Vistonida Greece, Macedon
Lake Volvi Greece, Macedon
Lake Waikaremoana Māori
Lake Wakatipu Māori
Lake Walchen Germany
Lake Wanaka Māori
Lake Wigry Poland
Lake Windermere England
Lake Winnebago America
Lake Winnipeg Canada, Cree
Lake Winnipegosis Cree
Lake Xaltocan Aztec
Lake Xochimilco Aztec
Lake Yeak Laom Khmer
Lake Ziway Ethiopia
Lake Zumpango Aztec
Lauwers Lake Netherlands Lauwersmeer or Lauwers Lake is a man-made lake in the north of the Netherlands, on the border of the provinces of Groningen and Friesland. The central and eastern parts of the lake became Lauwersmeer National Park on 12 November 2003.
Limingen Norway Covers 94km2 and is located in the municipalities of Røyrvik and Lierne in Trøndelag county. Also known as Lyjmede in Southern Sámi.
Loch Awe Scotland
Loch Coruisk Scotland
Loch Finlaggan Scotland
Loch Lomond Scotland
Loch Maree Scotland
Loch Morar Scotland
Loch Ness Scotland
Loch Tay Scotland
Loktak Lake India
Łuknajno Lake Poland
Maharloo Lake Babylon, Persia, Sumeria
Mälaren Sweden
Mallalafquén Mapuche
Mjøsa Norway Norway's largest lake, located in the counties of Viken and Innlandet, covering 362km2. The cities of Lillehammer, Gjøvik and Hamar are all located along the shores of this lake, and it contains Norway's largest freshwater island, Helgøya. Water transport on Mjøsa was once vital for the settlements on its shores, but this was replaced by the eventual construction of railways.
Møsvatnet Norway More commonly known as simply Møsvatn, this lake is located in the municipality of Vinje in Vestfold og Telemark county, and lies at 919 metres above sea level, not far away from the Hardangervidda plateau. Its primary outflow, the river Måna, serves as the primary inflow for another lake on Norway's list of names: Tinnsjøen.
Mundaú Lagoon Brazil
Namak Lake Persia
Nisser Norway Located in the municipality of Nissedal (which derives its name from the lake) in Vestfold og Telemark county. Covering 76.3km2, the lake's name is identical to the indefinitive plural form of the word nisse, which is the name of a short, gnome-like creature in Scandinavian mythology. However, the lake's name is etymologically unrelated to the creature.
Norsjø Norway Located in the municipalities of Skien, Nome and Sauherad in Vestfold og Telemark county. Covers 55.48km2 and is part of the Telemark Canal.
Oreti Lake Georgia
Oros Lake Brazil
Øyeren Norway Covers 84.74km2 and is located in the municipalities of Enebakk, Lillestrøm, Rælingen, Spydeberg and Trøgstad in Viken county. Glomma, the longest river in Norway, creates Northern Europe's largest inland river delta in this lake as it passes through it. The lake's name (Øyir in Old Norse) is derived from the word øy - "island" or "flat and fertile land along a waterside" - referring to the flat islands that make up this delta.
Pallqaqucha Inca
Pangong Tso India
Paravani Lake Georgia
Pariwanaqucha Inca
Pateira de Fermentelos Portugal
Plauer See Germany
Poyang Lake China
Qinghai Lake China
Reindeer Lake Canada, Cree
Represa de Eng Souza Dias Brazil
Riñihue Lake Mapuche
Røssvatnet Norway Norway's second largest lake, located in the municipalities of Hattfjelldal and Hemnes in Nordland county. It is also a reservoir, and covers 218.61km2. Had it not been for the dams that regulate its volume, it would have covered 190km2, and would only have been Norway's third largest lake. Also known as Reevhtse in Southern Sámi.
Saaler Bodden Germany
Samji Lake Korea
Sanabria Lake Spain
Sarygamysh Lake Scythia
Schaalsee Germany
Sea of Galilee Arabia, Phoenicia
Selbusjøen Norway Lies primarily in the municipality of Selbu (which takes its name from this lake) in Trøndelag county, but a small part of it is located within Trondheim's municipal borders, with the lake lying southeast of the city itself. Covers 58.26km2.
Shuswap Lake Canada
Snåsavatnet Norway Located in the municipalities of Snåsa and Steinkjer in Trøndelag county. Covers 122km2.
Śniardwy Poland The largest lake in Poland.
Steinhuder Meer Germany
Storsjön Sweden
Tabatskuri Lake Georgia
Te waihora Māori
Tinnsjøen Norway Covers 51.43km2 and is located in the municipalities of Tinn and Notodden in Vestfold og Telemark county. Most famous for being the final resting place of the SF Hydro, a steam-powered railway ferry sunk by the Norwegian resistance during World War II, as part of the heavy water sabotage. The shipment of heavy water that was intended for Germany remains at the bottom of the lake to this day.
Tonle Bati Lake Khmer
Tonlé Sap Khmer
Tyrifjorden Norway Covers 139km2, and is located in the municipalities of Hole, Lier, Modum and Ringerike in Viken county, 40km northwest of Oslo. Despite what the name implies, it is commonly not regarded as a fjord.
Ullswater Lake England
Utikuma Lake Cree
Uvs Lake Mongolia
Vänern Sweden
Vättern Sweden
Vembanad Lake India
Wabamun Lake Cree
Wakaw Lake Cree
Waskesiu Lake Cree
West Lake China
West Nubian Lake Nubia
Wojnowo Lake Poland
Wollaston Lake Cree
Yanaqucha Inca


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