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Game Info[]

First landship unit. Strong against other land units but weak against airships.

  • Common traits:
    • Can move after attacking
    • No defensive terrain bonuses


The most basic type of landship unit, the Land Ironclad is well armored and shines in the ground combat. Use it to easily defeat primitive land units and wear down cities for capture. Its armor will somewhat protect it against the smaller guns of Flyers, but it is very vulnerable to cannon fire from Airships.

Civilopedia entry[]

Much had been learned from the construction of the "Iron Horse" that was the railroad. Soon, inventors tried to engineer a vehicle with the power of a locomotive without the need of a track. Designing the apparatus for moving the unwieldy beasts that were the first prototypes proved extremely difficult. The process merged into a simpler design with much less armor plating but enough to withstand gunfire and the elements. The first drivers found that having a light, maneuverable craft was much more effective than a bulky one. It allowed for quick travel on less fuel, as well as agility in combat.