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Game InfoEdit

Most advanced landship unit. Strong against other land units, but weak against airships.

  • Common traits:
    • Can move after attacking
    • No defensive terrain bonuses


The Land Leviathan is the pinnacle of landship units, bringing devastation to any other land unit. Use it to destroy vulnerable enemy Anti-Air Guns and ensure your air units stay safe. Its armor will help protect it against the smaller guns of Flyers, but it is still vulnerable to cannon fire from Airships and Sky Fortresses. It is best to protect the expensive Land Leviathan with units that are strong against air units, such as Flyers and Anti-Air Guns.

Historical InfoEdit

The Land Leviathan is the pinnacle of ground combat. Taking its name from the fantastic sea monster, it boasts immense firepower. It can fire from almost any angle and trek across the land at great speeds. It is outfitted with a crew of sixteen: some man the cannons, others tend the luboric engine, and a pair act as pilot and navigator. During training they learn to move and think as one unit, developing a shorthand language for giving complex commands quickly.

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