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Landmarks are special terrain on Planet. Some provide additional resources, others only graphic variation.

Landmarks are also simple text that players can add or remove on the map.

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri[]

Landmarks that provide extra resources.

  • Pholus Ridge +1 Energy
  • Uranium Flats +1 Energy
  • Monsoon Jungle +1 Nutrients
  • The Ruins 8 Monoliths
  • Garland Crater +1 Minerals
  • Mount Planet +1 Energy, +1 Minerals
  • Freshwater Sea +1 Nutrients
  • Geothermal Shallows +1 Energy

Neutral landmarks[]

Landmarks that provides no bonuses, just graphic changes.

  • Great Dunes (graphically hides rainfall)
  • Sunny Mesa
  • New Sargasso (Sea Xenofungus and Unity pods)

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri patch[]

Provide by a patch available on Firaxis official site. Included in Alien Crossfire.

  • Borehole Cluster 3 Thermal Boreholes
  • Manifold Nexus +1 PLANET, +1 RESEARCH if the owning faction is Progenitor

Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire[]

Provided by the extension.

  • U.N.S. Unity Wreckage (Unity pods provide Unity Chopper, Unity Mining Laser, Unity Reactor Core (Energy credits) and the location of the landing sites of human factions)
  • Fossil Field Ridge +1 Minerals


This landmark exist within the game files, but is unused by the map generator, but can be placed with the map editor.

  • Nessus Canyon +1 Minerals