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Game InfoEdit

More powerful version of the Land Ironclad. Strong against other land units, but weak against airships.

  • Common traits:
    • Can move after attacking
    • No defensive terrain bonuses


The Landship is heavily armored and excels at ground combat. Use it to defeat other land units and wear down cities for capture. Its armor will help protect it against the smaller guns of Flyers, but it is vulnerable to cannon fire from Airships. Escort the Landship with units that are strong against air units, such as Flyers and Anti-Air Guns, for maximum survivability.

Historical InfoEdit

The Landship was everything the land ironclad was to be but was not. The discovery of luboric increased the energy available to power such a vehicle exponentially, allowing for more armor and weaponry while maintaining the same maneuverability. It became the gold standard on the battlefield, capable of destroying nearly any other land unit. With several of them, a commander could quickly take out an army or encircle a city.

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