Lasercom Satellite

Orbital Unit in Beyond Earth
Required 2 20xPetroleumBE Petroleum
1 20xTitaniumBE Titanium
Orbital Networks (CivBE) Orbital Networks
Orbital Zone Radius 1
Sight Range 1
Orbital Lifespan 60

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Game infoEdit


Lasercom Satellite

The Lasercom Satellite contains sophisticated communications equipment, which allows your colony to finally reestablish contact with Earth. As we know, this is a required step towards two victory types: the Emancipation and the Promised land victories. Besides that, of course, the satellite improves data exchange on the ground, which in turn boosts 20xScienceBE Science in affected cities.

Civilopedia Entry

The Lasercom Satellite is a highly-advanced tool, designed to facilitate near-lightspeed communication with planets in far-flung systems – in particular, with the planet Earth, humanity’s point of origin. It has the added benefit of utilizing its near-lightspeed capabilities to increase a colony's technological progress. Any city in possession of a Lasercom Satellite will find its Science increased.

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