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Launch Mars Hydroponics (Civ6)
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Launch Mars Hydroponics screenshot (Civ6)

Launch Mars Hydroponics is a project in Civilization VI and part of the third and final step toward winning a Science Victory. It becomes available after researching Nanotechnology and completing the Launch Moon Landing project, and requires a Spaceport district.

The hydroponics section of the future Mars colony is vital for providing food and breathable air to the colonists. By completing it, a player takes a step towards the ultimate goal of near-future space travel: establishing a human colony on another planet! Once this project, Launch Mars Habitation, and Launch Mars Reactor are completed, the player establishes a Martian colony and wins a Science Victory.

In Gathering Storm, this project is removed and replaced by Mars Colony.

Science Victory Steps
Vanilla Civilization VI and Rise and Fall Gathering Storm
Launch Earth Satellite (Civ6) Launch a satellite
Launch Moon Landing (Civ6) Land a human on the Moon
Launch Mars Habitation (Civ6) Establish a Martian Colony Mars Colony (Civ6) Establish a Martian Colony
Exoplanet Expedition (Civ6) Launch an Exoplanet Expedition
Terrestrial Laser Station (Civ6) Reach the exoplanet
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