For Personality traits in Civilization: Beyond Earth, see Personality traits (Rising Tide).

In Civilization IV a leader trait is a special ability or rule modification that applies to any civilization led by a leader with that trait. Leader traits are often called just traits. Traits give advantages to the leaders on their play styles.

List of Leader Traits Edit

The leader traits are:

Trait Properties Production bonus of +100% for
Aggressive Free Combat I promotion of melee and gunpowder units. Barracks and Drydock
Creative +2 Culture per city. Library, Theater and Colosseum
Expansive +2 Health per city and, in BtS, 25 percent faster production of Worker. Granary and Harbor
Financial +1 Coin on tiles with 2 Coin already Bank (removed as of ~3.13?)
Industrious Wonder production bonus of +50% Forge
Organized Civic upkeep reduced 50 percent Lighthouse, Factory and Courthouse
Philosophical Great person point bonus of +100% University
Spiritual There is no anarchy when changing civics Temple
In Warlords and Beyond the Sword:
Trait Properties Production bonus of +100% for
Protective Archery and Gunpowder Units receive free Drill I and City Garrison I Walls and Castle
Charismatic -

Table of Leaders and Their Traits Edit

Each leader has two leader traits. These are shown in the following table.

Table of Leader traits
Aggressive Kublai Khan (Mongolia) Shaka (Zulu) Ragnar (Vikings) Stalin (Russia) Hammurabi (Babylon) Alexander (Greece) Montezuma (Aztecs) Genghis Khan (Mongolia) Tokugawa (Japan) Boudica (Celts)
Kublai Khan Mongolian (Civ4) Creative Suryavarman II (Khmer) Willem van Oranje (Dutch) Louis XIV (France) Zara Yaqob (Ethiopia) Pericles (Greece) Hatshepsut (Egypt) Catherine (Russia) Gilgamesh (Sumeria) none
Shaka Zulu Suryavarman II Khmer Expansive Pacal II (Maya) Bismarck (Germany) Mehmed II (Ottomans) Peter (Russia) Isabella (Spain) Joao II (Portugal) Mao Zedong (China) Washington (America)
Ragnar Viking (Civ4) Willem van Oranje Dutch Pacal II Mayan Financial Huayna Capac (Inca) Darius I (Persia) Elizabeth (England) Mansa Musa (Mali) Victoria (England) Wang Kon (Korea) Hannibal (Carthage)
Stalin Russian (Civ4) Louis XIV France Bismarck German (Civ4) Huayna Capac Incan (Civ4) Industrious Roosevelt (America) none Ramesses II (Egypt) Augustus Caesar (Rome) Qin Shi Huang (China) De Gaulle (France)
Hammurabi Babylonian (Civ4) Zara Yaqob Ethiopian (Civ4) Mehmed II Ottoman Darius I (Civ4) Persia Roosevelt America Organized Frederick (Germany) Asoka (India) Julius Caesar (Rome) none Napoleon (France)
Alexander Greece Pericles Greece Peter Russian (Civ4) Elizabeth England none Frederick German (Civ4) Philosophical Gandhi (India) Suleiman (Ottomans) Sitting Bull (Native Americans) Lincoln (America)
Montezuma AztecsFlag Hatshepsut Egypt Isabella Spanish (Civ4) Mansa Musa Malinese (Civ4) Ramesses Egypt Asoka India Gandhi India Spiritual Justinian I (Byzantium) Saladin (Arabia) Brennus (Celts)
Genghis Khan Mongolian (Civ4) Catherine Russian (Civ4) Joao II Portuguese (Civ4) Victoria England Augustus Caesar Roman Julius Caesar Roman Suleiman Ottoman Justinian I Byzantine (Civ4) Imperialistic Charlemagne (Holy Roman Empire) Cyrus (Persia)
Tokugawa Japan Gilgamesh Sumerian (Civ4) Mao Zedong China Wang Kon Korean (Civ4) Qin Shi Huang China none Sitting Bull Native American Saladin Arabian (Civ4) Charlemagne Holy Roman Empire Protective Churchill (England)
Boudica Celtic (Civ4) none Washington America Hannibal Carthaginian (Civ4) De Gaulle France Napoleon France Lincoln America Brennus Celtic (Civ4) Cyrus Persia Churchill England Charismatic
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