Each faction in Sid Meier's Starships has a bonus as listed below.

Supremacy (CivBE)
Harmony (CivBE)
Purity (CivBE)
Leader Perk
Barre (Starships) Barre H Pur Barre (Starships) Barre Benevolent: reduces the cost of cities by 25%
Sochua (Starships) Sochua H Pur Sochua (Starships) Sochua Progressive: starts with two random tech upgrades.
Kavitha (Starships) Kavitha H Pur Kavitha (Starships) Kavitha Humanitarian: starts with one extra city.
Elodie (Starships) Elodie H Pur Elodie (Starships) Élodie Charismatic: causes crew morale to increase by 10%
Kozlov (Starships) Kozlov H Pur Kozlov (Starships) Kozlov Industrialist: increases metals production by 25%
Hutama (Starships) Hutama H Pur Hutama (Starships) Hutama Diplomat: always gets a first visit influence bonus.
Bolivar (Starships) Bolivar H Pur Bolivar (Starships) Bolivar Warrior: starts with an additional starship.
Fielding (Starships) Fielding H Pur Fielding (Starships) Fielding Economist: generates 50 credits per city each turn.

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